Feng Shui taboo in bedroom layout

We all pay special attention to the bedroom layout. If we don’t understand the rules of Feng Shui, we tend to be self defeating by our own preferences. In view of this, we now provide some Feng Shui taboos for bedroom layout for your reference:

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1 the mirror should not be facing the bed

Feng Shui believes that it is unfavorable if there is a mirror on either side of the bedroom. In addition to affecting health and the feelings of husband and wife, it can also affect wealth and offspring. Especially at the head of the bed, do not hang a mirror. Because this mirror is like a ” Dementor mirror, It will upset the owner of the house. If you want to install a mirror in the bedroom, it’s best to install it in a more hidden position or cover it at ordinary times

  2. the head of the bed should not be close to the stove

if the bedroom is attached to the kitchen, the side close to the stove should not be placed at the head of the bed, because the kitchen is a fire, which is easy to make people sick, nervous and irritable

  3. the bed should not be placed under the beam

the bed should not be placed under the hanging cabinet, beam or large lighting. Otherwise, it may cause headache, joint pain and other diseases

  4. the head of the bed should not be facing the front door

if the head of the bed is facing the front door or the door of the bedroom, it is called door flush in Feng Shui, which makes people restless and prone to nightmares or hallucinations by the wind

  5. the light in the bedroom should be soft

if the drinking line in the bedroom is too strong, it is easy to be grumpy. If the light is too dark, it is easy to produce melancholy. It is better to be gentle

  6. there should be no gap behind the head of the bed

the head of the bed should be close to the wall or real object, and there should be no gap. Feng Shui believes that there is a backer. Otherwise, it is easy to produce illusion and pessimism, and serious cases may lead to mental anxiety

  7. the toilet door of the suite is often closed

Feng Shui believes that the bedroom and toilet door of the suite should be closed frequently or covered with a screen. Otherwise, couples are prone to extramarital affairs, which is called pan peach blossom in Feng Shui, or lead to discouragement and loss of wealth

  8. the head of the bed should not be against the window

the wind is cold and easy to be frightened, which will cause restless sleep and neurasthenia

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