Kitchen Feng Shui defusing coup against family health

Feng Shui in the kitchen is an important part related to the health of the family, so whether the Feng Shui in the kitchen is good or not will be closely related to the health of the family. In order to ensure the health of ourselves and our family, we must understand the relevant Feng Shui principles and not violate the Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen. If we don’t violate the Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen, we should also know how to resolve them, So what are the kitchen Feng Shui solutions that endanger the health of your family? Let Fstips explain it one by one for you

how to resolve the kitchen Feng Shui that endangers the health of family members

kitchen orientation and pattern

irregular rooms had better not be selected as the kitchen. The orientation should be based on the evil side of the home, because the fire in the kitchen can reconcile the bad luck of the evil side and make the Feng Shui at home better. Kitchens located in different directions bring different effects. The feng shui of the kitchen can be improved or enhanced through the pattern layout in the kitchen. The arrangement of stoves, cabinets and sinks in the kitchen is also exquisite. If they are well placed, they will get twice the result with half the effort. The specific impact of different directions of the kitchen, the placement of furniture and supplies and the way to solve the Feng Shui difference can be found through

kitchen Feng Shui taboos

in the kitchen decoration design, there are some taboos that cannot be violated. The door can’t face the kitchen door, the stove can’t face the kitchen door, and the stove can’t face the toilet. It’s best to set up a small dining area in the kitchen. These taboos are to avoid the destruction of Feng Shui in the kitchen. More kitchen taboos can be resolved through

kitchen Feng Shui

if the orientation and layout of your kitchen have been determined, and now you find that Feng Shui has a problem and can’t be greatly changed, you need to resolve and avoid taboos as much as possible. For example, the stove cannot face the kitchen door. In this case, the position of the stove should be adjusted in time; Refrigerators and rice jars cannot be empty. These two should be filled at any time, indicating that there is no worry about food and clothing at home. The items in the kitchen should be stored well at ordinary times, and the cupboard should be used to tidy up a neat kitchen

kitchen decoration Feng Shui

many people will think that the kitchen is not suitable for decoration. Indeed, mirrors cannot be hung in the kitchen, which will make the door unfortunate. However, it is also beneficial to appropriately increase other decorations. For example, when decorating, choosing a comfortable wall and ground color will not only make you feel comfortable, but also bring good feng shui. You can also hang a decorative painting or small potted plants to make the kitchen more vitality

What are the tips for dissolving Feng Shui in the kitchen that is harmful to health?

first, if the kitchen is directly facing the door of the bathroom, it is easy to form a situation of water fire incompatibility, which is also very bad for the home, and it is easy to lead to setbacks in the physical health and emotion of the residents

solution: if the kitchen at home is in this layout, hang a bead curtain on the door of the kitchen, which can dissolve the air flow and avoid the air flow in the kitchen from impacting the room

Second, the kitchen location is wrong

the kitchen layout of many communities will be in the northwest and due west, which are taboos of kitchen Feng Shui. Because the kitchen belongs to fire and should not be in the golden position, while the West and northwest are just metal, which collide with each other. Therefore, if you arrange your kitchen in this direction, it is easy to cause problems in the residents’ throat, lungs and respiratory system. Moreover, setting the kitchen in this position, from the perspective of kitchen Feng Shui, also has a certain pressure effect on the luck of the male host. Therefore, if you want to have strong luck, you can’t set it in this position

solution: if the layout of the community has been determined, you might as well put mountain stone ornaments and a glass of water in the kitchen to resolve it. The effect is very obvious

Third, the layout of the stove and the hand washing basin is wrong

because of the limited space, most people will be on the same line when setting the hand washing basin and the stove, which is a big taboo in the kitchen Feng Shui taboo

crack method: it’s best to take the shape of L. if not, you can put a pot of green plants to dissolve it

many people don’t want to believe that a small kitchen can affect our marital relationship or health. Kitchen Feng Shui is not the culprit, but it is also an accomplice. There are many kitchen Feng Shui taboos. If you go to a place with bad feng shui in the kitchen because of your bad mood, you may be more impatient and hurt yourself

warm tips: when placing feng shui ornaments, you must cooperate with the corresponding spells to double the power of evil spirit and achieve incomparable results

kitchen Feng Shui factors endangering family health and solutions

door to kitchen:

kitchen is where the Treasury is located. See the kitchen at the beginning, which represents money leakage, high cost and family disharmony

solution method:

(1) set up an opaque screen between the door and the kitchen

(2) put a pair of ” Glorious elephant, Head outward to absorb the leaked Qi

(3) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the foot pad in the gate

kitchen door to toilet door:

kitchen door to toilet door. The foul gas of the toilet will directly rush into the kitchen. Because the kitchen is where food is cooked, it will affect the cleanliness and hygiene of food, so the family will have bad intestines and stomach and poor digestive system

solution method:

(1) hang a curtain on the kitchen door and toilet door

(2) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be hung on both doors

kitchen door flushing stove:

solution method:

(1) it is best to adjust the position of the stove

(2) hang a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins on the kitchen door

the kitchen door flushes into the refrigerator:

the kitchen door flushes into the refrigerator, which will be unfavorable to the hostess at home, and there will be money leakage

solution method:

(1) it is best to adjust the position

(2) hang a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins on the kitchen door

(3) put a wooden gourd on the refrigerator

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