How to place desk supplies

The desk supplies should be placed neatly and orderly. Don’t pile too many unused sundries or books on the desk. Moreover, after each study or work, you should clean up the desk, put unused books in the bookcase, and stack the books that need to be used again in order. The main thing is to start well and end well and step by step

it should be noted that the books placed on the desk should not be piled too high and should not exceed the height of people sitting in front of the desk. Otherwise, it will give people a sense of oppression and cause mental tension, and the number of books should not be too many, generally no more than 20

Feng Shui on the desk can be divided into eight positions according to the position of the eight trigrams:

earthquake position: in the East, it is appropriate to put money or five emperors’ copper coins and other decorations

Xun position: in the southeast, it is appropriate to put telephones and mobile phones

transposition: in the west, it is appropriate to put seals and Inkpads

Kun position: Southwest, desk calendar should be put

off position: in the south, the platform should be placed

ridge position: books should be placed in the north

Gen position: Northeast, suitable for plants

dry position: in the northwest, it is appropriate to put pen and ink

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