Why is there a window behind the desk

In Feng Shui in the study, the most taboo is the window behind the desk. This setting is to place the desk parallel to the window, and the back of the desk seat is against the window, which is very unfavorable to Feng Shui. This is because having a window in the back, like a door in the back, will have a bad impact on people’s health and home transportation

the window is originally a channel for wind and light and an outlet for indoor and outdoor ventilation. If the seat is set in front of the window, it will block the channel for anger to enter. If the indoor air flow can not communicate well with the outdoor air, it will become evil spirit, which will cause the learners in the study to be drowsy, slow to respond and low learning efficiency. It will also cause family members to be prone to confusion and decision-making mistakes in home feng shui. And sit by the window. When the wind blows behind you, you often feel cold on your back and wind behind your head, which will disturb people’s spirit and be prone to wind chill

in addition, sitting behind the window is backlit, which is not conducive to the light of writing and will affect vision. If the windowsill is too low, it is not conducive to safety. Therefore, try to avoid windows behind the desk

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