Feng Shui on TV

In modern families, television has become essential. With the gradual integration of television into public life, people are more and more closely connected with television. People relax and entertain themselves by watching TV every day. Watching TV occupies a lot of people’s leisure time. Television itself has a magnetic field, which also changes the magnetic field of the room. From the perspective of Feng Shui, what problems should we pay attention to

I. TV cabinet

the material and color of the TV cabinet are still five auspicious behaviors that the homeowner likes. Like the overall decoration layout of the room, it should be considered in combination with the fate of the homeowner

the ornaments on the TV cabinet are exquisite. Some people like to put some trinkets on the TV cabinet to make it work. Generally, it is not recommended to put dolls, dolls and other accessories suspected of attracting villains; Animal shaped ornaments had better not collide with the owner’s zodiac; Do not place thorny plants

II. when the TV is placed in a ventilated place

the heat emitted by the TV changes with the size of the TV screen, and the larger the TV, the more heat dissipation. The accumulation of heat is easy to cause the movement of air flow in the home, so as to change the feng shui of the room. Therefore, generally speaking, it is best to put the TV in a place with good ventilation and easy heat dissipation, so as to minimize the impact of TV on home feng shui

III. TV should not be too large

the five elements of TV belong to fire. The larger the TV is, the heavier the fire is. Fire is too big. Unless the homeowner is extremely fond of fire, it can also help the homeowner’s fortune. Otherwise, because the five elements are too unbalanced, the family will be irritable and prone to quarrel. Therefore, in general, the TV at home should not be too large

IV. don’t put the TV in the bedroom

the bedroom is a place to rest. We spend about seven to eight hours here every day, which is enough to prove how closely it is related to our life. Some furnishings in the bedroom, such as bed, lamp, dresser and wardrobe, may affect the feng shui of the bedroom. If the uncoordinated gas field and magnetic field in the bedroom are inadvertently caused during decoration, it will seriously affect our daily life and health

TV is a kind of household electrical appliance with strong electromagnetic radiation. It itself has a kind of magnetic wave radiation invisible to the naked eye. This electromagnetic radiation will affect the earth’s atmosphere and human health. If you have the habit of lying in bed and watching TV on weekdays, it will not only affect sleep, but also make people visually tired after a long time. It is not only difficult to maintain strong energy to work and study, but also annoying cervical spondylosis due to watching TV

it is recommended to remove the TV placed in the bedroom and not put it directly in front of the bed. A diagonal angle should be maintained between the person lying on the bed and the TV, and never face it

in addition, if the volume of the TV is turned on too much, it will affect the fortune of the family. If the sound wave of TV continues to be too large, it will make people feel uneasy and reduce their hearing sensitivity. In the long run, it will slow the reaction of the family and affect the fortune of all aspects

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