How to deal with the floor of the toilet

The floor decoration of the toilet needs to comply with certain scientific principles and certain Feng Shui principles

first, pay attention to the selection of anti-skid and waterproof floor tiles, such as ceramic floor tiles, marble floor tiles and terrazzo floor with anti-skid grooves, but wood floor should not be selected because wood has strong water absorption and is not easy to emit water

Second, it should be noted that the floor should be set with a drain that can fully flow away the sewage. The drain should be set at the corner where there is no place in the toilet. The terrain of the drain is the lowest in the toilet, which is conducive to sewage discharge. In addition, the drain can be opened larger and can be covered with a mesh cover, so that nothing will fall

Third, the color of toilet floor tiles should be light, which is convenient to see stains and clean; At the same time, the light color is conducive to the feng shui of the toilet and people’s physical and mental health

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