Attention must be paid to the matters needing attention in the decoration of second-hand houses in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, it is believed that new houses and second-hand houses are the places where the owner will live in the future, so the feng shui of the house will have a great connection with the luck of the owner and his family. Therefore, if you want to make your family’s luck good, you must first ensure that the feng shui of the house is unobstructed

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here we want to talk to you about the precautions for second-hand house decoration in Feng Shui. These contents have a great impact on residential Feng Shui, so you must be more careful

precautions for second-hand house decoration in Feng Shui must be paid attention to

1. The bed cannot be old: if there is a bed in the second-hand house, the new owner must not use it, but replace it. Because the bed is the place where the master sleeps and rests, the master’s health fortune, if it is the master’s bed for the husband and wife, it should be replaced, because the master’s bed for the husband and wife affects not only the health fortune, but also the husband and wife’s feelings and fertility, so replacing it with a new one will help the family’s fortune more

2. The interior color should be bright: although it is a second-hand house, it will also become a place for long-term residence in the future, so the decoration work must be fully in place. The color of the wall should also be changed. Try not to retain the decoration characteristics of the original owner. Moreover, in order to ensure that the feng shui of the house is more helpful to their own luck, it is best to choose the appropriate color according to their own destiny, and we must choose the bright color to make the house more beautiful

3. Multi purpose Feng Shui mascots: when you first move into a second-hand house, you’d better put more Feng Shui mascots in the house, which can not only dispel evil spirits, but also add auspicious atmosphere to the house. After all, the original owner may not have lived in this house for a long time, so there may be some Yin and evil spirit in the house. Using Feng Shui mascot to turn evil spirit can make residential Feng Shui better

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