What is the stress of Feng Shui in the decoration of second-hand houses

Now house prices have always been rising but not falling. Many people will choose to buy their own satisfactory second-hand houses. As people pay more and more attention to the Feng Shui problem of houses, they also want to have a deeper understanding of the decoration Feng Shui of second-hand houses. After all, second-hand houses have been lived before, and there is more Feng Shui stress to pay attention to when decorating. How much do you know about Feng Shui stress in second-hand house decoration? Let’s have a deeper understanding

What’s the stress of Feng Shui in second-hand house decoration

Feng Shui taboos you must know before second-hand house decoration pay attention to

1. Feng Shui precautions for buying second-hand house

1. It’s very important to feel

before moving into the house. Only when you feel comfortable at the first sight, it means that the atmosphere of the house is in harmony with you, and then life will be smooth in the future

2. Understand the original head of household

when purchasing, it is also necessary to understand the original head of household. If the head of household wants to change a big house, the house can be purchased at ease; If the head of household goes bankrupt, it should be considered clearly. Because it has something to do with the fate of the house

3. Understand the fortune of the house

before buying a house, understand the fortune of the house. If the fortune of the house has changed from prosperity to decline, you should give up buying

4. Observe the surrounding conditions

when buying a house, we should understand the surrounding conditions, such as health, neighbors, transportation, etc. we should choose a house with favorable weather, location and people, so as to be more conducive to our development

5. Redecorating

redecorating a second-hand house is necessary. Only in this way can we clean up the bad luck and bad luck left by the former owner, so that the house really belongs to you and can be used by you

2. Six Feng Shui taboos in second-hand house decoration

1. The door is straight with the balcony, which also needs to be separated by a screen or porch, because the front and back are transparent, you can see through the door and balcony at a glance, as the saying goes: ” Before and after, people and money are empty” ; And the wind blowing through the hall is easy to get sick

2. The gate is facing the elevator or stairs, which is a violation. Originally, the house was a place for Qi accumulation and health preservation. Now it is directly opposite to the elevator and stairs, and the anger in the house is absorbed by it. It can be said that it is taboo

3. If the gate is directly facing the corridor, it is also a shock. The longer the corridor is, the worse it is for the home. This is called the pattern of heart piercing sword. If there is no screen in the door, it is not suitable for living

4. The door cannot face the toilet door directly. Imagine that people see the toilet as soon as they enter the door, what is the function of the house? The joy of entering the door will turn into bad luck. In addition, the bedroom door and toilet door can not be directly opposite, and the bedroom door and bedroom door can not be directly opposite, which all make the mistake of door flushing

5. If there is a beam in the house, living room or dining room, remember not to press the bed and seat, and the ceiling should be high rather than low

6. Try not to have too many sharp corners inside the house. Many modern high-rise residential living rooms are diamond shaped, and sharp corners often appear, which not only has bad Qi, but also makes the living room lose harmony and unity

three key points of Feng Shui in second-hand house decoration. Pay attention to

1. Toilet water seepage

toilet water seepage. You can do a small experiment to block the floor drain, put 5cm high water in the toilet, observe for 24 hours, and then go to the neighbor’s house downstairs for inspection. If there is no water leakage, it proves that the waterproof treatment is done well; If there is water leakage, the property must be asked to do waterproof treatment again. After the waterproof treatment, wait until the ground is completely dry before pasting ceramic tiles, otherwise the ground will crack

2. Imperfect water and electricity transformation

water and circuit transformation is one of the most complex projects of old house transformation. Before decoration, carefully check whether the original waterways and heating pipelines are rusted and aging. After all waterways are transformed, the pipelines should be reasonable, closely connected and free of leakage. In terms of circuit transformation, if the old house uses aluminum wire, it must be removed. There are many modern household appliances. According to the national standard, 2.5mm copper wire must be used in the decoration, while the lines for the installation of high-power appliances such as air conditioning should go all the way through 4mm2 alone. PVC insulated pipe must be used when embedding wires into the wall

3. Hollowing of the wall

the most common phenomenon of cracking and peeling occurs on the wall of old houses. Therefore, when decorating the wall, we must pay attention to the basic treatment. Generally, good decoration companies will apply interface agent after flattening the wall. The interface agent has the function of preventing moisture and protecting emulsion paint. The next step is to apply putty. The putty paste should be waterproof oil putty, Generally, putty shall be applied three times, and finally latex paint shall be applied

do you pay attention to

1. The wind should not be strong

when you buy a building, you should first patrol around the house to see if there are defects in the nearby environment

first of all, we should pay attention to the wind. If you find that there is a strong wind near the house and it is very urgent, you should not buy it, because even if the house is really prosperous and condensed, it will be dispersed by the strong wind. Feng Shui is the most important ” Accumulation of wind and gas; Yes, this means that the place with strong wind will not be Wangdi. Too much wind is bad, but if the wind is too slow and the air is not circulating, it is by no means appropriate

the most ideal living environment is a soft breeze blowing slowly and cool breeze, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui

2. Plenty of sunshine

Feng Shui of Yangzhai pays most attention to sunshine and air, so choosing a house to live in requires not only fresh air, but also plenty of sunshine. If the house is lack of sunshine, it is often too Yin, which will lead to restlessness in the house and is really not suitable for living

3. The center should not be polluted. This means that the middle part of the house should not be used as a toilet, otherwise it will be like the accumulation of waste in people’s heart, which will naturally be a blessing in disguise

If the house is located in the center of the house, it may not be in the center of the house, but it is not in the center of the house

4. The streets and alleys should not rush straight

Feng Shui is ” Like to whirl and avoid going straight ” , Because the momentum of direct attack is rapid, if the residence bears the brunt, it will be a great disaster. Don’t be careless

therefore, when you go to the building selection, you might as well take a look around the house to see if there are straight streets around the house. If the door of the house is facing the straight road, the longer the road, the greater the danger, and the more cars, the more disasters

Feng Shui scholars regard the road as ” Water ” ; Come and see. Because the traffic flow and people flow on the road form a flow ” Qi, It has a direct impact on the feng shui of buildings. Generally, there are ” surrounding buildings in front; Jade ribbon water ” ; Ideal. If there is a bow and arrow in the front and back of the selected building ” Reverse bow path, It will have a negative impact on buildings and homes (the specific situation depends on the orientation and sitting direction). Straight streets are also one of Feng Shui’s taboos

5. Orientation

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the housing pays attention to the solid back and the empty surface (behind the mountain and in front of the open site or lake), and a good orientation, so as to ensure that there is sufficient sunlight into the house through the window and improve the indoor environment. We should also pay attention to the environment (window view) faced when opening the window. We should pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages, and avoid disadvantages. If the window view is a noisy street or road, it will affect the rest

6. Floor height

generally, the floor height of residential buildings is about 2.8m. If such floor height is added with ceiling and thick floor, the clearance height may be only about 2.5 ~ 2.6m, or even lower. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is very unfavorable to residents, because there will be a sense of depression and can not meet the comfort requirements. Therefore, when selecting a house, its actual floor height should be at least 2.8 meters, and the most ideal is more than 3 meters

7. Ventilation

the ventilation of houses should meet people’s basic requirements for air flow, and ensure the smooth circulation of indoor and outdoor air when opening doors and windows, especially in hot summer. In order to maintain good ventilation, the orientation design of residential doors and windows must meet the needs of air flow. The air can enter and exit best, and the indoor air quality is poor if it is difficult to enter and exit

8. Hospital: if you live near the hospital, it is not good in Feng Shui

9. Churches and temples

in geomantic omen, both the front of God and the back of the temple belong to the place of solitary evil spirits, so it is not good to have temples, churches and other religious places near the house. Because these places are places where gods place their trust and gather their feet, the nearby Qi field or energy will be disturbed and the human ecological environment will be affected. Living near religious places will have the following two problems: 1. A family will appear lonely; 2. Being bullied by a good person, or being bullied by a good person, or being extremely violent, etc

10. Transmitting tower

transmitting tower generally transmits or receives TV and telephone signals. It has a strong gas field, has the greatest impact on the magnetic field, and its shape is sharp. If there is this tower near the residence, the following situations will generally occur: 1. Family members are prone to blood and light disasters such as trauma; 2. Prone to mental problems

11. Public Security Bureau and fire brigade

in Feng Shui, the public security bureau belongs to Yang and the land of solitary evil spirits. In the ancient Feng Shui book “Fu on the heart of snow”, it is said that solitary Yang does not grow and solitary Yin does not grow. If the house is aligned with the Public Security Bureau, it will commit solitary evil. First, the family is not in good health, and second, there will be more fights between right and wrong. The fire brigade belongs to a category of public security, and the doors of all fire squadrons are painted in bright red. If the house is aligned with the fire brigade, in addition to the above disadvantages, it is also prone to bloodshed

12. Government organs

government organs belong to the imperial spirit and are the place of the highest sun, including government organs at all levels, courts and procuratorates. Like the Public Security Bureau, they are the place of solitary evil spirits. If they live in such places, the following situations will occur: 1. Family members are prone to mental illness; 2. Easy to violate official and right and wrong; 3. Prone to bloodshed

13. School

many people think it must be good feng shui to live near a cultural place such as school, but that’s not the case. The reasons are as follows: 1. The school is Qingshui Yamen and the economy is poor; 2. The school has classes during the day and no one’s place at night. Even if they have classes during the day, there are some children. Children’s Yang Qi is relatively weak and less than that of adults. Weak Yang and abundant Yin will affect nearby buildings. In Feng Shui, Yang is smooth and Yin is blocked. Therefore, living near the school, first, the financial luck is not very good, and second, there will be resistance to everything

14. Vegetable market

if there is a vegetable market or a road market downstairs, think about the mess and noise

if there is a vegetable market below the house, the luck is sluggish and the house transportation is unstable

the reasons are as follows:

1. Fish will be distributed in the vegetable market

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