What Feng Shui is particular about stairs

Stairs are not only an important channel connecting upstairs and downstairs, but also the place for receiving and supplying air in Feng Shui. The ideal position of the stairs is to stand against the wall and avoid being in the middle of the room. This is tantamount to dividing the home into two, which will bring all kinds of quarrels at home and even lead to discord between husband and wife

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residence is the place for gathering Qi and keeping healthy. For example, the entrance of stairs is opposite to the main door, and the wealth and happiness in the house will rush from the stairs to the door. This is a big taboo. The first step of the staircase has little impact on the whole at any position in the room. Of course, the staircase is a channel for rapid air movement, which can make the air move rapidly from one layer to another. When people move up and down the stairs, they will stir the air energy to make it move rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of gathering air and nourishing qi. In order to achieve the goal, the smaller the slope of the stairs, the better the effect

in order to avoid the wealth and luck of upstairs rushing down, indoor stairs should not be made as straight as possible in terms of shape, and spiral stairs or arc stairs with broken line stairs (i.e. stairs with rest platform) are the best. Of course, the specific stairs should also refer to various other factors, such as room type, space, decoration style and the owner’s personal hobbies. From the perspective of practicality and aesthetics, these stairs also have their own advantages and disadvantages

the advantage of spiral staircase is that it saves more space, and it makes people feel better and has strong artistry. In the indoor application of spiral ladder, the best rotation is 270 degrees. If the rotation angle is too small, there is no problem going up the stairs, while going down the stairs gives people the feeling that it is too steep and it is not convenient to walk. Although the spiral staircase is beautiful, it is not very practical. If there are old people and children at home, it gives people a feeling of insecurity. This kind of stairs are mostly used for small duplex in the attic on the top floor, and less for large duplex

it’s not good to open the door and see the stairs. In this way, you can either ” Gas ” ; Cut it all off, or make ” Gas ” ; It can’t flow smoothly and disturb the gas field

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