Why round or square dining table

Feng Shui in the restaurant will also be affected by the shape of the table. Therefore, when purchasing the table, we should consider whether the shape of the table conforms to home feng shui. Generally speaking, the dining table should be round or square, because there is ” The center of heaven and the full moon ” ; The full moon shaped dining table symbolizes the happiness of the whole family. At the same time, the ring also represents the beginning and end, so that the popularity and wealth will not flow away, which is very conducive to home feng shui

The square table or the eight immortals table is also suitable. It is a traditional Chinese concept that the sky is round and the place is round. The square dining table symbolizes square and stable, solid foundation, profound family business and steady development of family transportation

but it should be noted that the square dining table must not have sharp corners. First, from the perspective of safety, avoid hitting people or stabbing children. Second, sharp corners are also particularly taboo in Feng Shui at home, because the larger the sharp corners are, the greater the lethality will be, which will affect the health of family members and lead to family contradictions

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