What is the relationship between the material of toilet door and Feng Shui

Nowadays, few people pay attention to the problem of Feng Shui fortune, but in fact, Feng Shui fortune always exists in our life and constantly affects and changes our life. For example, the toilet in life has a lot of stress in Feng Shui, and there are a lot of stress in Feng Shui about the toilet door

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what is the relationship between the material of toilet door and Feng Shui

here we want to introduce you about the impact of the material of the toilet door on Feng Shui and the impact on the family’s Qi transportation. We hope that through the feng shui knowledge of the toilet door, we can pay more attention to the Feng Shui problems in the house

relationship between the material of toilet door and Feng Shui

different materials have different Feng Shui energy, so their influence on Feng Shui gas field will also be different. Toilet, in home feng shui, is mainly the lower water level and shady ground. The door is used to absorb Qi in Feng Shui. The Qi field in the toilet mainly enters from the toilet door. Therefore, when the feng shui of the toilet door is poor, the feng shui of the toilet will also be affected

1. The wooden toilet door is of great help to the geomantic omen of the toilet, because in the five elements theory of geomantic omen, there is the health of the wooden owner, so choosing the wooden toilet door will be of some help to the health of the family

2. The metal toilet door will also help the feng shui of the residence, because the five elements of the toilet belong to water, and Feng Shui believes that water is the master of wealth, and gold generates water in the five elements, and water is the master of wealth. Therefore, the metal toilet door is helpful for the financial games of the family

at present, the toilet doors of many families may be made of glass. The five elements of glass belong to earth. In Feng Shui, earth conquers water, so the feng shui of toilets with such glass doors will not be very good, which will have a great impact on the financial fortunes of families

in addition, the toilet door should not be made into a mirror, which will reflect the gas field and have a certain impact on the gas transportation of the toilet

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