What kind of painting is good for interior decoration

Green leaves and red flowers, good Interior decoration Feng Shui , which needs auspicious Nafu hanging paintings to decorate. The paintings are colorful, which can boost the look of the home, Interior decoration hanging painting Feng Shui five elements are lucky

Interior decoration Feng Shui is good

Interior decoration hanging painting Feng Shui – Peony flowers are the best

peony flowers are bright, lovely and bright, flowers are gorgeous, the picture axis is tall and straight, head up to the sun, with the praise of the flower of gold, full of positive positive energy, which is to attract noble friends The best way to stay away from villains. Hanging this painting on the six evil spirits in the porch, living room or house can improve the hot fortune of the whole family, attract distinguished guests to come to the door, near your home and far away, and have a prosperous future

auspicious pictures suitable for hanging in the hall are:

I. nine fish picture — a picture with nine live fish” IX ” ; Take the meaning of a long time” Fish ” ; Take everything as you wish. Nine lovely fish are playing, which means good luck

picture of two and three sheep — a picture of three sheep. Have you ever heard of ” Sanyo Qitai ” ; Word” Sheep ” ; Take its tone, ” Sheep ” ; Changed ” Yang Qi ” ; ” Yang, And ” Thai ” ; It is a divinatory symbol of blessing in the book of changes. The meaning of the picture of three sheep is auspicious, which can bring good luck

III. in addition to the auspicious accidents of animals such as fish and sheep, we can also consider ” A hundred birds flock to the Phoenix” Frogs splashing in the water” Monkey King offers Rui ” ” Hundred steeds ” ; Etc

IV. soft landscape painting — for example, sunrise, lake and mountain scenery, peony, etc. Hanging in the hall, they can give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling when you come home tired every day

too many paintings of Buddha and Bodhisattva should not be hung at home, because too many Buddha paintings will affect the relationship between members, especially the love between husband and wife. Too much religious fanaticism on either side will affect the feelings of each other. For a happy family, the key points of religious paintings are up to now. Don’t hang too much. As for the color of the picture frame, it is best to match the five elements. For example, for office feng shui, if you want gold, you might as well use gold or silver at the frame edge, green if you want wood, red and purple if you want fire, blue and gray for water, etc

some people like to put Buddha pictures of Amitabha, and even write a ” Buddha ” ; Word. Amitabha represents golden water, while Buddha is water. Buddha represents the north and Amitabha represents the West. There is a Heart Sutra at home. The Heart Sutra represents fire. People who avoid fire should not hang on to the Heart Sutra

it is not easy to hang some pictures with depressed artistic conception in the living room. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to hang such pictures. These paintings include sunset reference, bleak leaves, old ducks with dead trees, walking alone, desolate homes in the middle of winter, and fierce beasts fighting each other. If such calligraphy and painting are hung at home, it will appear gloomy, listless, gray and lifeless. The owner will be affected by it. The head of the eagle diagram should be facing the door. It can’t be hung in the bedroom, otherwise it will talk about right and wrong. It can’t be hung above the desk in the study. It’s best to hang it in the white tiger side of the living room. Discarded old Eagle pictures should be bound with red yarn for collection

the painted dragon is the mascot, the symbol of the emperor, and the pole of wealth. Dragons are also divided into green dragons, golden dragons and red dragons. Pay attention to the following points when hanging the picture of the Dragon:

① the faucet should be inward, not outward. Inward worship is a sign of outward running, that is, the heart runs outward

② the dragon should not be placed next to the tiger. If it is placed next to the tiger, the main dragon and tiger will fight endlessly, and there will be a lot of noise at home

③ the dragon pattern should be hung on the green dragon side of the living room or the Buddhist hall

④ the dragon pattern can’t be rolled up for collection. It should be hung for auspiciousness

⑤ the head and tail of the dragon should be pasted with small round red paper. It is better to paste red paper at 7 ~ 9 a.m. on the 3rd, 6th and 9th

good paintings don’t often open and good times don’t often come. Every other year, we should change the corresponding hanging paintings of buchongke according to the house to symbolize the new weather in the new year. The feng shui of interior decoration hanging paintings should keep pace with the times, because Feng Shui turns in turn and the luck is high and low

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