What flowers do you keep in the kitchen

Home is the warm harbor of life. As the saying goes: a Golden Nest and a silver nest are not as good as a dog’s nest. What is home? In addition to parents, wives and children, its direct performance is housing. To make your home more warm, natural and pleasing to the eye, you must make great efforts to decorate your home. At this time, the flowers and plants of nature have become an inevitable choice

the general space of the kitchen is small, and there are cooking utensils, kitchen cabinets, etc., so the layout should be simple rather than complicated, small rather than large; And the temperature and humidity in the kitchen change greatly, so you should choose some small potted flowers with strong adaptability. It should be noted that flowers with too much pollen should not be selected in the kitchen to avoid pollen falling into food when flowering

indoor greening can reflect the character of homeowners, make people understand the seasonal changes of green flowers and plants, adjust indoor temperature and humidity and purify the air. We can’t live in a place with green grass, but we can skillfully place some flowers and plants to make them play their role to the greatest extent and make the kitchen environment more comfortable and healthy

the kitchen is a place with dirty air, so we should choose flowers and plants that have tenacious vitality, small volume and can purify the air. It should be noted that since the smoke and steam in the kitchen are not conducive to the growth of flowers and plants, it is best to give flowers and plants ” Take a bath;. There are mainly the following kinds of flowers and plants suitable for putting in the kitchen:

1 hyacinth . Known as ” Western Narcissus ” ; Hyacinth, whose name comes from the translation of Greek text hyacinth, was originally the name of a handsome man loved by Apollo, the God of light, in Greek mythology. Hyacinth’s flower language is: joy, love, happiness and affection. In foreign countries, hyacinth’s flower language is ” As long as you light the fire of life, you can enjoy a rich life ” , This sentence expresses the connotation of hyacinth. Such a playful bouquet is suitable for putting on the kitchen cabinet or table. It has a unique taste of life and can also play a role in refreshing the air

  2. lilies . Lily is a world famous flower loved by the world. It is native to China and has a long history from wild to artificial cultivation. Its seed head is formed by embracing nearly a hundred scales, which was regarded by the ancients as ” A hundred years of love ” ” Pepsi consensus ” ; Good omen. Therefore, many couples use lilies as bridal bouquets at their weddings. Lilies are graceful and can emit faint fragrance. They are most suitable for flower arrangement in the hall. People often have ” The house is full of incense at night. It is suspected that it is when you wake up ” ; My feelings

  3. Chlorophytum and green pineapple . In addition to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, organic substances such as acrolein and cycloaromatic hydrocarbons will escape from the oil fume generated during cooking. Acrolein can cause sore throat, dry eyes, fatigue and other symptoms. Excessive PAHs can lead to cell mutations and induce cancer. To keep homeowners physically and mentally healthy, kitchen greening is imminent. In the greening art layout, you can choose flowers and plants that can purify the air, especially those resistant to oil fume, gas and so on. Chlorophytum and green rose have strong air purification and mosquito repellent effects. They are ideal for kitchen flowers and plants. They can also be placed on the refrigerator

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