Where is the best location for the kitchen

Placing some plants in the kitchen is not only conducive to purifying the indoor air, improving the mood of people in the kitchen and making good meals for their families, but also can promote Feng Shui in the kitchen and increase the wealth of homeowners. Here are some feng shui knowledge of placing plants in the kitchen:

first, in the East

if the kitchen is in the East, it is a great blessing. If it is in other directions, You can put some safflowers on the kitchen table and near the refrigerator, which is conducive to the health of your family

II. located in the South

the kitchen is located in the south of the house. Some foliage plants can be placed because they help save money. If the kitchen is located in the south, it will be subject to strong red sun gas, which will make the homeowner have the tendency to spend money indiscriminately. Foliage plants can effectively alleviate the sun gas, reduce a person’s tendency to spend money indiscriminately, and help save money

III. located in the West

if the kitchen is located in the west, golden flowers, daffodils and three color violets can be placed beside the window, which can not only block the evil spirit of the sunset, but also bring wealth to the homeowner

IV. located in the North

when the kitchen is located in the north, some pink and orange flowers should be placed, which can add a lot of vitality to the interior

arranging the kitchen well can make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious and happy

the kitchen is an important part of the house. You should always clean it up. These seemingly insignificant details can not be ignored. As the saying goes, marry the chicken and follow the chicken, marry the dog and follow the dog, marry a poet and run all over the mountain. It is a kind of fate for two people to meet and marry in the vast sea of people, so we must pay attention to all kinds of details at home. From the perspective of kitchen Feng Shui, kitchen utensils must be cleaned frequently. Several key points include:

1, wok and shovel

these two utensils are used for cooking. Don’t put them together after use. The chatter during cooking is noisy enough. If you don’t clean them after use or put them together after cleaning, it’s unlucky. It’s best to open them separately, The wok should also be hung up

II. knife and chopping board

when cutting things with a knife, one knife after another is actually cut on the chopping board, so they should also be separated after use. Don’t insert the knife into the chopping board with a bang. This is a very fierce situation

III. mortar and stick

mortar cannot be placed on the back of the stick, which will make the big and small things in the family be solved after a lot of noise. The correct way is to turn the mortar upside down and cover it, and then put the mortar rod on top of the mortar

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