Will the gate face the antenna

Will the antenna affect the feng shui of the house? In fact, the relationship between the two is still very close. Firstly, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the antenna belongs to virtual water and plays a similar role to water in Feng Shui. Therefore, the Feng Shui Effect of the antenna is related to its own shape and orientation. As the saying goes ” Mountain management personnel, water management and wealth ” , The antenna will affect the wealth of the house. Wires are generally straight, and antennas are straight and round

therefore, generally speaking, if there is a circular satellite antenna in front of the door, it is water flow ” Flexion affectionate ” ; The elephant is naturally conducive to house transportation, but it can not form an anti bow shape with the gate; If the antenna is straight, do not face the house directly, otherwise it will form a bad spirit and affect the wealth of the house. Secondly, the antenna is different from water after all. The electromagnetic wave emitted by it will affect people’s nervous system

therefore, the antenna must be separated from the gate at a certain distance, otherwise living in such a house for a long time is easy to bring mental pressure and emotional irritability for no reason. If the antenna rushes to the house, you can put pots and plants or use other items to separate it

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