What Feng Shui problems should be paid attention to in the design of anti-theft door

In modern urban housing, people are more and more like to design the door as an anti-theft door, but don’t ignore some basic Feng Shui problems in the design process

first of all, not everyone is suitable to design the door as an anti-theft door, which depends on the fate of the male owner in the house, because the five elements of the anti-theft door belong to gold. If there is a lack of gold in the five elements, or the owner of Muwang in the five elements, it will be more advantageous to design the door as an anti-theft door; However, people with five elements of fire or five elements of gold should not use anti-theft doors

secondly, we should also consider the factors of orientation. For example, the East belongs to wood and the anti-theft door belongs to gold. When designing the anti-theft door with the door facing the East, we should consider clearly whether there is too much wood gas near the door and gold is needed to restrain it

in this regard, the pull-out anti-theft door is generally not recommended for everyone, because the opening of this kind of door is relatively small. Although it seems that the size of the door is harmonious with the size of the house, it actually violates the taboo of small door, which is not conducive to financial resources and popularity

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