How to improve home feng shui through plants

In fact, in the implementation of house decoration, it is sometimes difficult to accommodate every aspect of the room, especially the old house that has been occupied. In this regard, vastu taught us how to suit the remedy to the case to improve. In general, the most effective is to use water and design elements such as plants (green belt), gardens or small terraces to improve the enclosure of space – Qi regulation

water planting: it is advisable to place fountains, small pots of water or simple flowerpots and bonsai (raising fish or planting plants) in the northeast. It is best to use flowing water or change water frequently

plants and flowers: Mango and banana are generally avoided. There are different needs in different directions:

East: Magnolia, willow, cherry, Indian azalea, European clove, honeysuckle and Camellia

in the South: Maple, Sorbus, almond, peach, plum, wisteria, rose, gardenia and Clematis

North: Magnolia, apple tree, pear tree, Hydrangea and peony

West: pine, apricot, azalea, hibiscus and jasmine

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