What are the taboos in children’s bedroom

It is the wish of every parent to hope that his son will become a dragon and his daughter will become a Phoenix. Many parents hope that their children can have a quiet and comfortable learning space. They all strive for perfection in the layout of their bedrooms and study. However, facts have proved that many people often self defeating, did not play its due effect

1. Don’t post too fancy wallpaper on the wall of children’s bedroom, which is easy to cause confusion and irritability

2. The walls of children’s bedrooms should not be pasted with pictures of martial arts and fighters to avoid children’s aggressive habits

3. The floor of children’s bedroom cannot be covered with long wool carpet, which is prone to bronchial diseases

4. The wall of the child’s bedroom cannot be painted pink, otherwise, the child’s personality is easy to be irritable

5. Children’s beds should not be on or off the kitchen stove. They are prone to skin diseases and irritability

6. It’s better not to have high piles in front of children’s desks. It’s unlucky to have bookshelves above the desks

7. The ceiling of children’s bedroom is preferably milky white, and dark color is fierce

8. There must be no mirror at the door of the child’s bedroom, otherwise, you will talk about right and wrong

9. The ceiling of children’s bedroom cannot be decorated with vertical and horizontal wooden strips

10. Although the children’s bedroom is small, the decoration should not be too complex, which makes the space look auspicious

11. Children’s desks should not face the lane, road or water tower outside the house. Children’s desks and beds are not under the water tower

the above are some points of popular Feng Shui. We should cooperate with the children’s life bureau to use the five elements to decorate the children’s room, which can be beneficial and harmless. We should also find out the Wenchang five elements in the life Bureau and arrange the reading desk

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