Taboo of Feng Shui location in rural single kitchen

We all know the importance of Feng Shui, so we pay attention to Feng Shui everywhere in our life. After all, Feng Shui also has an impact on us everywhere, so we should know more about feng shui. There is no doubt that we need to pay attention to Feng Shui in the layout and location of the kitchen, especially in rural areas. In Feng Shui, What are the taboos of Feng Shui location in rural separate kitchens? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. the kitchen is located in the northeast, and the five elements in the Northeast belong to the soil. It is an image of fire-generated soil and a pattern of integration, which is based on auspiciousness

2. If the position of the stove mouth in the kitchen is facing the side of the mother’s role, it means that the family will have a harmonious relationship, so harmony can make money. Such furnishings can certainly bring wealth to our home

Third, the kitchen is the best location for Feng Shui. The refrigerator in the kitchen must be full of food

Fourth, the kitchen is located in the east or Southeast. In these two directions, the five elements belong to wood, wood makes fire, and the sun is sufficient, which is the image of wood fire. The Lord’s family is healthy and often supported by expensive people

v. if the owner’s destiny is wood, when transforming the kitchen, make the kitchen face southeast or due east, which can make the owner’s wealth more prosperous. Because the symbolic color of the southeast is green, the arrangement of flower potted plants in the kitchen here can absorb the essence of sunshine and rain, and the effect of Feng Shui is better

sixth, the northern position

Bagua is the barrier. The disadvantage of the kitchen located in this part is that the cold wind is easy to blow in winter, which is not good for the health of the housewife and daughter. However, because modern building materials, equipment and technology are quite developed, this impact is not too great. Kanfang is also a more tidal salivary position. Therefore, pay attention to the equipment for drainage and salivation removal. Laying floor tiles can not completely solve the problem of cold, so it is better to lay carpets in winter, which can make up for the shortcomings of the north. The second is the gas stove and the equipment to use fire. Do not set it in the middle of the north, otherwise Will increase the ferocity of this position. Moreover, this position will make the family suffer from urinary system or mental diseases, and also make the men in the family weak and sick

VII. The influence of the location of the transformed kitchen on Feng Shui needs to be seen systematically. In addition to the five elements of the master’s destiny, there are also the five elements attribute of the kitchen itself, the orientation layout of the whole room and some special circumstances. For example, the window of the kitchen is facing the electric pole or big tree, which is the most taboo place in the layout of home feng shui. Therefore, this situation should be avoided as much as possible when transforming the position of the kitchen

VIII. If there is a mirror in the kitchen or restaurant, you must not find the stove, otherwise it will damage the feng shui of fortune in the kitchen and the health of your family. The stove can’t be placed between the sink and the refrigerator. In this way, a double water fire will happen, which will damage the health of the family and the family who go out to do business

kitchen location Feng Shui is related to our kitchen Feng Shui. Different locations will form different Feng Shui. Therefore, in daily life, we should not only pay attention to the internal layout of the kitchen, but also pay attention to the Feng Shui location of the kitchen, especially some taboos in Feng Shui

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