Feng Shui dissolves from the door to the kitchen door in the home

As we all know, the kitchen is the place of wealth and wealth in the home, so whether the feng shui of the kitchen is good or not is closely related to our wealth. If the feng shui of the kitchen to the door is easy to leak wealth, although many people are very taboo about this house type, and if such house type can be avoided, try to avoid it, If you really accidentally choose such a house type, you can also resolve it through some Feng Shui methods. You might as well take a look at what the following article says

first, the door should pay attention to the feng shui of the kitchen

the feng shui of the door is the most important in the layout of the home, because the door belongs to the place where gas and evil spirit enter and exit frequently. Generally, the door should not be directly rushed by the road or opposite to the door, which is easy to break the Feng Shui layout of the door. Of course, the kitchen and the door are also the taboos of Feng Shui, which can easily lead to people’s bad luck, And it will make the house restless, and there will be unlucky Feng Shui at home

people open the door and spend more money. This sentence tells us a common sense of Feng Shui. The gate is the place where wealth and fortune enter and exit. When you open the door, you will see the kitchen. Those auspicious spirits will be burned at once. Can you be blessed and rich? If you set the kitchen like this, it will damage the hostess’s health and the wealth of the family. And there is no way to save it. The only way is to change the direction of the door

in fact, it’s not just Feng Shui. Generally speaking, the kitchen door shouldn’t be facing the bedroom door. When you are sleeping and resting, the place where the oil fume is produced is smoked and flushed at you. Although you may not cook at that time, the breath is still there. Those breath can easily lead to dizziness and poor rest. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the kitchen belongs to fire, and people want to relax when they rest. When they add fire, they would be annoyed at work and daily life. If they don’t take a good rest, they will only be more grumpy and easy to cause family discord

the protagonist of the kitchen is the stove. In ancient times, the stove was firewood to make fire, which is called firewood fire. In modern times, it is gas, which is called stove fire. The fire mouth of the stove blows outward. If the kitchen door rushes to the door, the benefits of the fire will be blown away. Therefore, the household population often quarrels

the kitchen is where the Treasury is located, and you can see the kitchen at the beginning, which represents wealth leakage, high cost and family disharmony

II. Solution method:

(1) set up an opaque screen between the gate and the kitchen

(2) put a pair of ” Glorious elephant, Head outward to absorb the leaked Qi

(3) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the foot pad in the gate

the correct way is to change the position of the stove. If not, you can put a piece of jade on the lintel of the kitchen door with an outer circle and an inner side. Fire generated soil (Jade also belongs to soil) can stabilize the air flow. At the same time, the sky is round and the earth is square, and the air flow can also be balanced

if you don’t want to use the door curtain or place the screen, it is recommended that you must avoid the stove with the door facing the kitchen. The stove can be said to be the core of the kitchen and the eye of Feng Shui. In order to avoid the leakage of wealth, you’d better not let him face the door, otherwise he will be opposed by the door, which may cause Yin to invade. Therefore, you should pay special attention to this point

opposite door is a bad pattern, not to mention the feng shui of kitchen door to door? In life, you must not think that Feng Shui is not important and do not pay attention to it. In fact, it is often because Feng Shui affects our luck and affects our luck and health. Of course, you must understand the relevant feng shui knowledge of the kitchen door

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