Feng Shui taboo in home kitchen decoration

The kitchen is the place where the five elements of water and fire collide in the kitchen, and we all need to pay attention to this when decorating, and we need to pay attention to the kitchen utensils and stoves. What is the Feng Shui taboo of home kitchen decoration? Let’s have a look

Feng Shui taboos for home kitchen decoration

Feng Shui taboos for home kitchen decoration

kitchen furnishings

next, consider the furnishings of kitchen utensils. If useful to microwave ovens or rice cookers, it should be placed in one of your four auspicious squares. Sockets for electric rice cookers and microwave ovens shall also be located in Kyrgyzstan. The same principle applies to toasters and stoves

Yin Yang balance

as mentioned earlier, the kitchen is a situation where water and fire collide, but if we can balance the two and achieve the situation of water and fire, we can promote the harmony of Feng Shui in the kitchen

in Feng Shui, the kitchen is defined as a shady area where food is stored, rather than a place often used by the whole family. However, if a corner of the kitchen is used as a dining area, it can increase the Yang of the kitchen and balance the Yin and Yang of the kitchen


the use of mirror in Feng Shui has both positive and negative effects. The correct arrangement of the mirror can enhance or improve the Feng Shui condition, but if it is improperly arranged, it will cause great harm to the residents. One of the taboos of hanging mirrors in the kitchen is that the mirror can’t reflect the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and reflects on the food in the pot, it will do more harm. This is called ” Tianmen fire ” , Will cause fire or misfortune to the house. On the other hand, if you hang a mirror in the dining area to reflect the food on the table, it will double the wealth of the family


the gas stove must not face the kitchen door. If the gas stove is opposite to the toilet, the toilet door must be closed. In addition, the kitchen had better not be close to the door

the kitchen will use a lot of water in the process of washing and cooking food, and water is the symbol of wealth, so it is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. But on the other hand, the kitchen and bathroom have the function of suppressing the evil spirit. Therefore, placing the kitchen in an insignificant or dangerous place is beneficial to the residents. Adjust the position of the kitchen and the furnishings of kitchen utensils, remove its adverse factors, and create a good kitchen Feng Shui


Feng Shui teachers usually suggest that the kitchen be placed in the four evil sides of the parents’ life divination, which helps to suppress the evil spirit of the evil side. The water gas generated by the Yang

five elements

generated by the furnace fire conflicts with the fire gas of the gas furnace. Therefore, the gas stove cannot be opposed to the sink or refrigerator. The gas stove shall not be close to the water tank. The stove should not be independent in the center of the kitchen, because the fire in the center of the kitchen is too strong, which will lead to the loss of family harmony

focus on the mother

If due to the limitation of kitchen design, it is impossible to face the furnace mouth to any auspicious side of the parents, try to face the furnace mouth to the prolonging side of the mother, which can improve the harmony of family relations

basic principles of Feng Shui decoration of home kitchen

ward round is a place to produce and supplement the nutrition we need. How to improve the happy mood of the cook and make hygienic, delicious, color, flavor and delicious dishes is an important key to determine the health of the whole family

when decorating the kitchen, it is best to use transparent doors or translucent doors, and the lighting should be sufficient. There is fire and water in the kitchen, which is the place most prone to safety accidents at home. Therefore, bright lights are the first element. The use of transparent, so that the cook can interact with the family in the living room, and can pay attention to the safety of children at any time

the kitchen roof height is kept at 220-240 cm, which can enable the range hood to function, so as not to cause oil fume in the room. The table height of the flow management table should be determined according to the height of the user, and the height of the operation table should be determined according to ergonomics, so as to avoid bending and cantilever as far as possible. It is ideal to keep the moving line between gas stove (i.e. gas stove), suction tank and refrigerator within three steps

kitchen orientation selection

East: the kitchen is located in the East, which is auspicious, the East is wood, and wood makes fire, which is more suitable for setting up the kitchen

Southeast: the kitchen is located in the southeast, which is also Kyrgyzstan, and the southeast is also Kyrgyzstan

South: the kitchen is located in the south

Southwest: the kitchen is located in the southwest

West: the kitchen is located in the West

Northwest: the kitchen is located in the Northwest Xuhai. On the contrary, the northwest wind will blow from the dry direction of the northwest, bringing the hot air of the kitchen into the room

North: the North Rengui is auspicious and the North Rengui is vicious

Northeast: the kitchen is located in the northeast. The direction of Chou Yin is auspicious and the direction of Gen is fierce

seven taboos of Feng Shui in the decoration and layout of home kitchen

first, the kitchen door is opposite to the gate, back door and toilet door

the kitchen door is opposite to the gate, which is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, the inexplicable cost of money at home will be very serious. Kitchen door to toilet door will cause digestive system and financial damage

Second, avoid open kitchen

modern interior design often likes to design the kitchen as open in order to pursue the sense of fashion and increase the sense of space. In fact, the silver stove of the open kitchen is exposed, so the ability to collect money is also weak. At the same time, when using the open kitchen, the oil fume will also be emitted into the living room when frying food. Even if the range hood is used, the oil fume can not be completely sucked away. Therefore, the oil fume smell will often remain in the living room, which is harmful to the living environment and personal health

In order to save space and facilitate design, some houses will seal the toilet door adjacent to the kitchen and open a door in the kitchen as a way to the toilet, which will become going through the kitchen before entering the toilet

in fact, the kitchen belongs to fire and the toilet belongs to water. The kitchen and toilet are connected and share a door, which will form the conflict between water and fire. At the same time, the foul air of the toilet will be mixed into the kitchen, which will hinder the hygiene, and the family is prone to many diseases

if the kitchen is opposite to the toilet door, water and fire will collide, and the husband and wife are prone to skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitivity

IV. the kitchen should not be in the center of the house

the kitchen belongs to fire. If it is located in the center of the house, it is equal to ” Burn the heart, Family health is vulnerable. It is better to set the kitchen in the auspicious position. Generally, it is safer to lean against the side of the unit

v. avoid using red and black in the kitchen

because the stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. If it is dominated by red, it is easy to lead to too much fire, fire burning and soil drying, and be grumpy or prone to liver disease as scheduled

black should not be selected, because black belongs to water, which collides with the fire stove and affects the health of your partner. The kitchen should be decorated mainly in light colors, such as beige, ivory, etc

VI. avoid water and fire in the kitchen

because water and fire should not collide, the faucet position in the kitchen should not be opposite to the stove. Otherwise, the hostess’s waist bone is easy to have problems, and the husband and wife are also troubled by feelings. Faucet and stove should be ” L”; Shape placement

VII. Do not press the stove with beams in the kitchen

if there are beams in the kitchen, there is no adverse effect in principle. However, the cross beam pressure stove will be unfavorable to those who often go in and out of the kitchen for cooking and poor health

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