They are not suitable for large windows for the bedroom

Many of us pursue large windows. We think that this not only has good lighting in the room, but also can see more scenery. Therefore, we can often see large floor to ceiling windows. They look really beautiful, but for the bedroom, they are not suitable for large windows. The excessive assembly of bedroom windows has a certain impact on us. So, is it good to have a big window? Since most people spend their time in the bedroom, the bedroom is a place for people to recharge their energy. If the bedroom window is opened too large, the impact on people will become more and more important. It will leak out the prosperity and consume people’s energy too much. People will become depressed, sleepless, dreamy and spiritless. The window is too large, too much sunshine and dazzling light make people not calm and easy to be impulsive and irritable. Living for a long time can also induce heart and brain diseases or bloody disasters, and it is inevitable to lose money

it is easy to form a light ghost

if the bedroom window is too large, the light will be very strong, which will form a light ghost to a certain extent, especially if the window is not blocked by other objects, it will be easier to form a light ghost, which will naturally affect the people living in the room, cause us to be in a trance, do things without concentration, work efficiency is not high, and easy to be distracted by other chores, In the long run, it will also have some adverse effects on our health.

lack of psychological security

the bedroom is where we rest, which naturally requires that the bedroom has a certain degree of privacy. If the bedroom window is too large, it will cause our lack of security. If it is a couple’s bedroom window, we will worry about gain and loss emotionally, and even be suspicious. The two sides will quarrel over some small things, This leads to emotional incompatibility

easy to be calculated by villains

if the bedroom window is too large, it will also easily lead to us being calculated by the villains around us. We don’t know people clearly, and we are easy to meet villains in work and life. Sometimes we are wary of being calculated behind others, resulting in more obstacles in work, unsatisfactory work and difficult to improve our career, At the same time, the calculation of villains will lead to a lot of unpleasant things in life, which will make us physically and mentally tired.

it is easy to form bad breath

we all know that the window is the outlet and air outlet, and the inlet and outlet of air flow will also depend on the window, while the inlet and outlet of air flow in the bedroom mainly depends on the window. If the window is too large, the breath in the bedroom will be updated too frequently, which will lead to the inability of air flow in the room to gather, and it will be easy to produce bad breath, which will affect our health

solution method :

1. The window size can be corrected to fundamentally solve this bad feng shui problem

2. You can paste fog stickers on windows to reduce the reflection of light

3. Hang the money with the five emperors on the window, improve the unfavorable aura of space through the five elements Feng Shui Bureau, and attract money at the same time

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