How to analyze the layout of Feng Shui in the kitchen

In life, I believe many people will be distressed by the layout of the kitchen, because the layout of the kitchen is related to the feng shui of the kitchen. To a large extent, these feng shui will also be related to the health and fortune of the family, as well as the prosperity and wealth of the family. Therefore, people dare not despise the layout of the kitchen. What is the analysis of the layout of the kitchen Feng Shui in Shunfeng school? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

enter the door and analyze how to layout the kitchen Feng Shui House

I. selection of Feng Shui orientation in the kitchen

the kitchen is not only the place with the most water in the home, but also the place for cooking. It is not suitable to go south. In real life, food is easy to rot in summer; When the south wind blows, the cooking smoke will diffuse into the whole room, so it’s best not to set the prestige in the south direction. The most favorable choice for the direction is to sit north and face south

II. Kitchen Feng Shui stove orientation

the most unfavorable kitchen stove Feng Shui orientation is to sit east to west, that is, close to the east wall, which should be avoided as much as possible, because the west is the Yin returning position, which is a negative magnetic field unfavorable to the residents’ health. If you have to choose this position, it is recommended to place a set of five emperors coins in the wall behind the stove, or lay a red colloidal carpet on the floor in front of the stove, To defuse the adverse magnetic field of the West

III. kitchen Feng Shui color selection

the color of the kitchen will not only affect the overall senses of the kitchen, but also affect our daily life, work, study and so on. In the kitchen color Feng Shui problem, white is the best. Whether in terms of hygiene, or affecting our appetite and the mood of cooks, the unique purity and smoothness of white are the best choice

IV. placement of Feng Shui table in the kitchen

the direction of the restaurant itself should be located in the south. In this way, under sufficient sunshine, the family road will become more and more prosperous; If the door is too transparent, the screen can not be used, so as not to block the vision of the dining table; The ceiling of the dining room should not have beams and columns. If the structure of the building cannot be changed, hoist and other accessories can be hung under the beams and columns to prevent it from directly pressing onto the dining table

explain how to layout Feng Shui in the kitchen when entering the door

1 The stove can not be placed on the balcony: because there is no tai chi up and down the balcony, the stove is empty up and down, and the hostess is unstable. From the perspective of safety, the balcony is often hard, and the stove is installed on it, which is also prone to danger

  2. The kitchen can’t be rebuilt from the toilet. Some new houses in the decoration process, in various considerations, intend to change a bathroom into a kitchen. In fact, this is a practice that is not worth the loss. Because your own kitchen is someone else’s toilet up and down, it is not only caught by filth, but also has hidden dangers in hygiene

  3. It shall not be opposed to the gods and ancestral tablets. If God is offered at home, the pole of the whole house will be transferred to the throne. In other words, whether there are external evil spirits around the throne has become the focus of good and bad luck. If the God position is opposite to the stove, it belongs to the pattern of seeing blood light in the Ming hall. Not only is the homeowner prone to irritability, but also accidents

  4. Don’t face the kitchen door directly. Don’t go in and see the stove. You’re upset. This is similar to the divine position to the stove. You can see the stove at a glance when you enter the door. Family members often have a bad temper and can’t control their emotions. Therefore, if this happens, it is better to cover it first

  5. The wall next to the stove can’t press the head of the bed. The stove belongs to fire. If there is a bedroom next door and the head of the bed is right against the wall, the fire is strong. People sleeping in this bed are likely to have poor sleep and neurasthenia

  6. The stove cannot enter the central palace. The fire burns the heart. It’s also best not to enter qiangua (northwest corner), which is called burning dry gold. This is mainly considered from the five elements of the housing pattern. When Zhonggong sees the fire burning his heart, he is emotionally unstable. The Northwest qiangua belongs to gold, which is the male master, the stove belongs to fire, and fire conquers gold, which is unfavorable to the male master. So you can only use ” Flower soil ” ; Let fire produce earth and earth produce gold to pass the customs

  7. The kitchen and toilet doors should not be opposite. The kitchen is fire, the toilet is water, and the five elements fight with water and fire. At the same time, the foul gas from the toilet will rush into the kitchen and affect the food hygiene. Usually only plants can be used for customs clearance

  8. Do not press the beam above the stove, and the stove itself should not be impacted by sharp corners. This is the metaphysical consideration. The kitchen stove is the hostess. Considering the hostess’s career and body, there can be no external evil spirits such as beam coping and sharp corner shooting

  9. The kitchen should be clean and tidy at any time, which is the basic principle. Without a clean environment, any Feng Shui conditioning layout will lose its function

how to analyze and explain the layout of Feng Shui in the kitchen when entering the home

the discussion on Feng Shui in the kitchen is extremely complicated in traditional Feng Shui. Generally speaking, kitchen Feng Shui has the following five aspects to consider:

first, the orientation and shape of the kitchen in the whole house

Second, the selection of overall tone

Third, Feng Shui on the kitchen floor

Fourth, the orientation of kitchen door and (window)

fifth, the orientation of the stove

now let’s introduce in detail the layout of Feng Shui in the kitchen

I. avoid the orientation of the kitchen

according to the theory of traditional Feng Shui, the longevity position that the kitchen should be arranged in the house is the star position. Among the most auspicious directions in home feng shui, the composite star position is one of them, which corresponds to the direction of natural medicine in the eight houses” Heaven’s medicine can be a good doctor ” ;. Natural medicine is the star God in charge of diseases in the world. The Lord of longevity is the direction of prolonging life, so this direction is the most auspicious as the place of the kitchen

next, let’s talk about how to determine the composite star position in the house. The book of changes says ” The door turns and the stars move and fix the monarch and Minister ” , That is to say, if the entrance door is different, the composite star position will be different. In this way, we can find the astral position according to the entrance door. According to the geomantic theory of the eight House School, the position of the combined star is as follows for your reference:

the door opens in the East, and the combined star is in the southeast

open the door in the southeast, and the closing star is in the East

open the door in the due south, and the composite star is in the due north

open the door in the southwest, and the composite star is in the northwest

open the door in the west, and the composite star is in the Northeast

open the door in the northwest, and the composite star is in the southwest

open the door in the north, and the composite star is in the South

open the door in the northeast, and the composite star is in the West

we can find the star position in the house by comparing the entrance door of the house, and then we should set up the kitchen in this direction. It should be noted here that the combined star position also affects the relationship between husband and wife and the relationship between users’ families, so the lack of angle is most avoided in this direction. If there is a lack of angle in this azimuth, it is suggested to adjust it by Feng Shui means to resolve the adverse. In addition to the astrological position, the simultaneous advancement of financial position and official position is also a standby auspicious position, but the effect is slightly inferior

after determining the auspicious orientation of the kitchen, the shape of the kitchen can not be ignored. Among the Chinese people’s thoughts, they praise ” The sky is round and the place is round, Therefore, the shape of the kitchen should be square, and other shapes such as diamond, triangle and irregular polygon are unlucky

some families may design the kitchen into an open type due to the limitation of house type, or learn the western interior design method. In terms of function, the open kitchen does have many advantages, which makes it more spacious and transparent. If properly designed, it can make the whole house look beautiful and fashionable. However, from the perspective of Chinese traditional Feng Shui, open kitchen is not advocated. The cooking style of cooking in the western kitchen is very different from that in the past, which is not conducive to the health of the whole family. From the perspective of traditional geomantic omen, open kitchen is not conducive to gathering Qi. Failure to gather Qi means failure to gather wealth. In addition, it will leak wealth and affect the prosperity of popularity. In addition, the open kitchen will be affected by the air flow in other areas of the house, which will make the flame of the stove unstable, which means that the fortune of the family is unstable in Feng Shui and affect the health of the family

II. Selection of the overall decorative color of the kitchen

when it comes to the selection of decorative color of the kitchen, it is mainly determined by the five element attributes of different colors in Feng Shui. According to the theory of the book of changes, the five element attributes of color are summarized as follows for your reference:

Gold: the corresponding colors are white and milky white series

wood: the corresponding colors are blue, green and green series

water: corresponding colors are black and blue series

Fire: the corresponding colors are red and purple series

Earth: the corresponding colors are yellow and earthy yellow series

and the five elements are related to each other, that is ” Symbiosis: Wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates gold, gold generates water, and water generates wood” Xiangke: Wood conquers earth, earth conquers water, water conquers fire, fire conquers gold, and gold conquers wood

according to feng shui theory, the kitchen belongs to fire in the five elements. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, it should be cyan or white; But avoid blue and black. With the white system, because the white five elements belong to gold, fire and gold are mutually exclusive. Gold can consume fire, which can avoid the heart disease of family members caused by too much fire in the kitchen. Blue and black are the main water colors, ” Water and fire overcome each other, If the kitchen is decorated with blue and black, it will cause the situation of water and fire and lead to the lack of prosperity of the house. At the same time, we should choose according to the life of the home owner. Only in this way can we get the best effect

Third, pay attention to the Feng Shui on the kitchen floor

in the home, the Feng Shui layout on the floor is important. The ground represents ” in Feng Shui; Kun ” ; Is ” Land ” , Keep your feet firmly on the ground. The quality of Feng Shui on the ground will directly affect the fortunes of your family

how to choose the color of kitchen floor? We can learn from the choice of overall decorative color and pay attention to the collocation and coordination with the overall decorative style. Feng Shui on the kitchen floor should also pay attention to the following contents: it should not be uneven, anti-skid and fireproof materials should be used, and the floor pattern should be correctly selected. When choosing patterned ground plates, avoid patterns with sharp corners or ominous meanings to prevent affecting family relations

it should also be noted that the kitchen floor must not be higher than the floor of the living room and bedroom. If the kitchen floor is higher than the living room and bedroom, it is called “Feng Shui”; Offend ” , Very unlucky

IV. orientation of kitchen door (window)

door is an important factor in Feng Shui. The kitchen door connects the hall room and the kitchen. It is an important entrance and gas inlet, which affects the Feng Shui gas field of the kitchen. Specifically, the kitchen door shall not face the entrance door, the bedroom door

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