How to decorate the small bathroom

The decoration of the toilet is mainly the treatment of the wall and ground

1. Wall

when dealing with the moisture surface of the small toilet, we can give full play to creativity as much as possible. If you like simplicity, you can try painting the wall, which can well increase the warmth of the bathroom. Those who like fashion personality can make patterns with mosaic glass bricks or carved ceramic tiles

of course, whether painting or tiling, you should choose some bright colors, among which light blue, pink, peach and light green are the preferred colors in the bathroom. In addition, cream color and some neutral colors are also good choices. If coupled with bright lighting, it can create an excellent bathroom feng shui

2. Floor

when decorating the toilet, the floor is an important factor that can not be ignored, and floors of different materials will produce completely different effects

for the selection of toilet floor materials, waterproof is the primary consideration, and the convenience of cleaning can not be ignored. Therefore, solid wood floor, marble and granite are the best choices. Using them to make the floor of the toilet not only meets the two requirements of waterproof and cleaning, but also the smooth surface makes the air flow smoothly, thus accelerating the flow of energy

in addition, since the water flow direction is downward and belongs to the Runxia grid, the floor of the toilet cannot be higher than that of the bedroom or living room, otherwise it is easy to form a pattern that the house is surrounded by water, resulting in diseases of the endocrine system

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