What’s the point of setting a stove

In ancient times, there was a stove mouth, and the gas in the stove was ejected from the stove mouth, so there was a saying that the stove turned to good or bad (the stove pressed the evil side of the life, and the stove mouth turned to the good side of the life). The modern gas stove has no stove mouth at all and only burns upward. If you don’t think and judge with wisdom and continue to use the ancient method, it’s a big mistake. However, the modern stove can only talk about the placement position (the kitchen has a auspicious position), not the direction of the stove. Otherwise, it’s just blindly following the ancient method, especially as a feng shui master or interior designer. Otherwise, it’s just nonsense! The following is a collection of taboos about the location of previous stoves (relative to modern kitchens):

① the new stove should not be placed behind the old stove (nor can it be compared), which will lead to the phenomenon of no respect for elders in the family

② do not rush the door and road at the stove position, otherwise you will talk about right and wrong (in the avoidance of stove, the door rush is the most important)

③ do not press the beam at the stove position, otherwise the whole family will be upset (fever on the head)

④ the stove position should not be opposed to the refrigerator, otherwise there will be discord between cold and heat (easy to miscarry)

⑤ the stove shall not be opposite to the toilet door, otherwise the medicine bottle will not be separated

⑥ do not rush to the corner of the wall at the stove position, otherwise it will cause backache and backache (the same is true when there is a door at the back)

⑦ do not rush into other people’s corners outside the back of the stove, otherwise you will have nosebleed and heart disease

⑧ do not flush the door on both sides of the stove, and do not put pickles under the stove

⑨ the stove cannot be placed on the balcony (above and below)

⑩ the stove shall not be placed on the gutter (through intestines, money comes and goes). The stove should be placed at a place perpendicular or parallel to the house, and the installation direction should not be inclined

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