How about making French windows on the balcony

In many new buildings now, in order to improve the selling point of the real estate, it is often made into the model of landscape building and floor windows are adopted, so as to make the residents feel the surrounding beautiful scenery and improve the taste of the real estate. However, while blindly pursuing beautiful scenery, there will be some defects in the home pattern. It is pointed out here one by one that can be avoided one by one when people live in a new house

the floor glass on the balcony is easy to feel hollow under your feet : now many buildings built by builders often connect the bedroom and living room with the balcony. In this way, you will feel that the area becomes larger and the brightness is better, which is a good thing. However, in order to highlight the effect of better enjoying the scenery, some builders often make the balcony windows into vertical floor glass walls as if they were in a seaside villa, which may destroy the pattern. Such a pattern makes people feel empty under their feet. When residents move in the living room, imagine that one side of their feet is empty. If the floor is high, they are often frightened and have no sense of security. At the same time, it creates a feeling that others can peep, and it is easy to be suspicious in the heart. Because home is different from hotels and public places of hotels, it wants a secret space. Floor glass devices such as hotels and bars are not suitable for home

a solid thing is needed to protect the wind and rain : this pattern also violates the foot cutting evil spirit in traditional geomancy. In modern geomancy, empty and low things are called water. Imagine that when it is windy and rainy, it will be resisted by glass. For a long time, it will also cause damage to the people in the guest hall. After all, the meaning of home is to be warm, peaceful and withstand the wind and rain. If you only rely on glass to block the wind and rain, it makes people feel uneasy and have a sense of crisis. It will not only affect wealth, but also damage health. Because the living room is a place for the whole family to move, it will affect everyone living here

the lighting in the bedroom should not be opened and closed. : the same problem still exists in the bedroom. In Chinese philosophy, the harmony of yin and Yang is called the optimal environment. In the bedroom, if it is facing the floor glass wall, it is often to open the curtains and the sun shines into the room, which will form a light ghost, and it will feel too dark when closing the curtains at ordinary times. This situation can lead to marital discord. The bedroom should have balanced light, which will make the husband and wife feel harmonious. In the living rooms of some buildings, although there are about tens of centimeters of walls under the floor glass, the same problem will be encountered if the lighting part is too large

in a word, when people live in such a house, try to make a blocking shape in the living room, or make a fence of tens of centimeters at the landing. We should not blindly seek the beauty of the scenery and ignore this problem

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