What shape is better for doors and windows at home

The shape of doors and windows should mainly pay attention to the following two points:

① the shape and size of doors and windows should match the size of the house. Avoid being too large, otherwise it is unfavorable to accumulate wealth. If it is too small, the gas field will be cloudy, there will be no convection, and it is easy to recruit villains or have anomalies. The door of the house is small and auspicious, and the door of the house is fierce. The front door is big, the back door is small, big in and small out, Ji. The front door is small, the back door is big, small in and out, bad luck. In addition, if the window is too large, it is unlucky and easy to form & ldquo; The hall ghost;. If the skylight is too large, the Yang is too strong, which is easy to cause horizontal difficulty

② generally, the shape of doors and windows should be square, with the meaning of stability, stability and harmony. Triangles are most avoided. Their nature is fire and has the image of anxiety in the world. The combination of internal and external evil spirits, Qi regulation and Taisui is not easy to cause fire at that time, and it also has the image of defeating the wealth of the family. As for other shapes, they are flat

as far as the material of the door is concerned, in ancient times, it was required to use intact new wood, and the up and down direction of the door is consistent with that of the wood. Use old wood to make doors & ldquo; New & rdquo; Meaning is not good luck. Gu Yun: & ldquo; There are many broken door panels, which are strange and dangerous& rdquo;& ldquo; Don’t let the door have too many handle joints, and the sores and boils don’t stop. In twos and threes, or in pairs, they are accompanied by military men& rdquo; Therefore, the selection of doors must be careful. With the development of the times, the materials of doors have also developed widely. In addition to wooden doors, modern doors also have metal doors, plastic steel doors, synthetic doors, glass doors and so on. According to feng shui theory, the door of the house is impermeable. Therefore, it is advisable not to use transparent glass doors for residential doors and bedroom doors. In addition, the door glass is broken and the tongue is flying. If you don’t gather wealth, it’s bad luck

in addition, the door must not be damaged: Gu Yun: & ldquo; If I hang my shoes as a door, there will be slaves who deceive the Lord& rdquo;& ldquo; The long broken left door is bad for your family& rdquo;& ldquo; Big brick cave door, prison disaster& rdquo;& ldquo; Bathroom door, misfortunes never come singly& rdquo;& ldquo; When water comes out from under the door, property does not gather& rdquo; The gap under the door is too big to leak wealth. There are loopholes up, down, left and right in the door, attracting right and wrong, stealing and causing trouble

if the door is like a person’s mouth, the window is like an eye for & ldquo; Feng Shui Eye & rdquo;. In daily life, windows should be opened at least once a day to promote fresh air circulation. If there are broken windows, they should be repaired as soon as possible, because it is harmful to the health of residents and prone to eye diseases. Windows should preferably be opened outward, or for sliding windows. If you drive inward, it will make people flinch. If it is a window that can only be pushed up by half, it indicates that the work is not smooth. You can hang bright colored shutters to improve it. Triangular windows are the most taboo for houses, and too sharp edges and corners are not good for house transportation

the top of the window should be higher than the height, which can increase self-confidence. The lower end of the window cannot be too low, especially the ventilation window in the bedroom, which cannot be as high as the bed. If the window of the couple’s bedroom is too low and the external wind blows directly, it is easy to cause infertility or postpartum imbalance. A window of moderate size. Too big makes the family atmosphere tense and children difficult to discipline; Too small and depressed, easy to get sick. In particular, the window of the bedroom can not be too large. It is easy to be impulsive, lose your temper, and can’t get a quiet rest. The bedroom should be a place with stable air flow. If you can see the neighbor’s bathroom or bedroom from your own window, it is a bad look. It should be modified into opaque glass to avoid neighborhood disputes and husband and wife disharmony