What plants should be placed in the bathroom

In the arrangement of plants, sanitary ware is a functional area that is easy to be ignored by people. In fact, planting some shade plants in the bathroom can not only improve the air and smell in the space, but also adjust the healthy journey of the family through placement in different directions

generally speaking, it’s best to choose shade resistant, moisture resistant and heat-resistant plants in the bathroom, such as ivy, clematis, Pueraria, etc. In addition, the temperature of the bathroom changes greatly, which is not a good growth environment for weak herbs. If you want to put flowers in the bathroom, you should consider fragrant flowers and plants, such as wild ginger, whose flower fragrance can replace artificial indoor fragrance. It is worth noting that the pollen of lilies and other flowers is easy to cause allergy, which is best avoided

secondly, the selection of sanitary plants also needs to consider the orientation of sanitary ware. In the four directions of the East, northeast, North and north of the bathroom, the eight trigrams are: the male palace of earthquake, gen, Gan and Kan. Because the five elements of the bathroom belong to water, the placement of shade Soil Plants in the above four directions can adjust and restrict the excessive water in the bathroom, which is conducive to the health of male members of the family

The position of the four plants in the South and the five plants in the South can be adjusted by placing the four plants in the South and the five plants in the West

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