How to choose the orientation of the gate

When choosing the orientation of the gate, you must follow the following three points:

1. Match the gate diagram. The gate should cooperate with the personal fortune telling. According to the eight House Feng Shui, the direction of the gate should be opened in the angry side and the year extension side in order to close the prosperous Qi

2. Caixing comes to the door. According to the geomantic omen in the dark sky, as long as the star is transported to the door, you can close the mountain and turn the evil spirit, and both Ding and CAI are prosperous. Caixing (water) goes to the door to see the real water Lord getting rich, and Ding Xing goes to the mountain to see the real mountain Lord Ding Wang

3. Zero positive hexagram Qi. According to the geomantic omen of Xuankong, if the gate faces the water or road, you can receive zero divination Qi and correct divination Qi on the ground of Zhenshan

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