What are the taboos of Feng Shui in the corridor

The corridor is the channel connecting each room, which affects the passage of air flow in the house. Therefore, Feng Shui regards it as the context of the house, which is related to the personal fortune of the residents. Therefore, the corridor should be kept clean and tidy at all times. It is more ideal if the orientation of the corridor can match the fate of the homeowner

1. The layout and corridor should be set reasonably, neither too large nor too small. The privacy of each room should be protected, and the area should not be wasted. The width of a good corridor should be more than 1.3 meters, and the length should not exceed two-thirds of the length of the house. There should be railings, roofs and several pillars. In addition, when designing the corridor of household residence, we should not allow a long corridor to connect multiple rooms, but also avoid the zigzag corridor, and avoid setting the toilet at the end of the corridor, which will lead to the foul gas of the toilet to other rooms smoothly

2. Lighting, corridor is a symbol of social status and credit. If it is too dim, it will naturally reduce the social status and credit of the homeowner, so it is suitable to keep it bright. The first way to keep bright is to have sunlight. If not, install electric lights and light them as much as possible. 24-hour long light is a good way to enhance luck. The light should be white, yellow and other light colors. The arrangement of lights should have a sense of integrity. It is appropriate to place one or two lights. If the corridor light is broken, it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid damaging the homeowner’s luck

3. Corridor layout. Because of the large span of the corridor, there are usually beams in the middle. The beam is easy to give people a depressing feeling. Walking under it is bad for family luck. At this time, the pressure on the ceiling can be reduced. In order to create more storage space in the limited space, many people make the top of the corridor into cabinets to stack sundries. As long as enough height is reserved for the corridor and there is no sense of oppression, it will not be detrimental to Feng Shui. Light articles such as clothes and quilts should be placed in the cabinet, and sharp tools and heavy objects should not be used to avoid psychological pressure

carpets are usually laid in corridors, but on concrete, they are not suitable for carpet laying. Boards can be laid in corridors instead of carpets. If carpets are necessary, they should be paved with plates on the corridor first, and then carpets on the plates

in addition, in order to better avoid the influence of the living room on the bedroom and separate the dynamic and static spaces, people can install doors in the corridor of the living room

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