Precautions for Feng Shui door in home decoration

The geomantic omen of the door has a direct impact on the geomantic omen of the home, which will also affect our fortune. Therefore, in the geomantic omen of the home, the geomantic omen of the door can not be ignored; So what are the precautions for home decoration Feng Shui door? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

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“lt; “gt; the bedroom should be decorated with too cold or too warm air, and the door should be decorated with too warm air. In the choice of bedroom door color, special attention should be paid to the impact of color on human physiology and emotion. Red, orange or bright yellow will make people excited, irritable and difficult to fall asleep; Dark shades such as dark purple, dark green and dark blue can make people feel heavy and aggravate insomnia. It is suggested to choose relaxed and lively colors such as pink, light purple, light blue and light green, which will make people feel quiet, relaxed and easy to sleep. The color of bedroom is Feng Shui

the color of Feng Shui bedroom door of home decoration pays attention to two

the theme tone of simple style is white and light yellow, which can be selected according to the overall tone of the room. Most people like to paint the gate red. They think it can be auspicious, but they don’t know that red may not be applicable to all directions. For example, the doors that open to the north gate are not suitable to be painted red. Therefore, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the house facing north from the south is easy to be blown directly by the north wind, which is already relatively dry. If the door is just an exciting red at this time, it will feel particularly dry and hot, which will have a negative impact on people’s mood

home decoration Feng Shui bedroom door color pays attention to three

for bedroom door color Feng Shui, we first need to know the five element attributes of color. Only when we know the attributes of color can we combine with the fate attributes of the home owner, and choose the colors that can be born with the room owner, so as to bring Feng Shui fortune in career and health to the home owner. For example, the colors of gold include white, apricot and gold; The colors of wood include cyan and green; The colors of water are black and blue; The colors of fire are red and purple; The colors belonging to soil are yellow and brown

home decoration Feng Shui bedroom door color pays attention to four

after knowing the attribute of color, we also need to know the theory of five elements generating and conquering each other. According to these knowledge, we can make good use of the bedroom door color Feng Shui and choose a good color for the bedroom door. For example, if your destiny belongs to gold, you can choose the color of attribute soil, namely yellow and brown. This will bring good luck to your health and other Feng Shui. If you don’t know the knowledge of bedroom door color Feng Shui in advance and install the door, you can use the door curtain to remedy it, because the feng shui knowledge of bedroom Feng Shui door curtain shows that this method can be used to improve the feng shui of the bedroom

What are the precautions for Feng Shui door in home decoration

the house where people live is also a part of the environment. The landscape form and decoration design inside the house can affect people’s career and life. In essence, Feng Shui is a means of pursuing the harmonious integration between man and the environment. It achieves the transformation and influence of the home environment through some established rules and taboos. For each functional area constituting the home structure, how to reasonably configure and design needs careful thinking. Feng Shui puts forward some ways and methods of residence layout for us, including house orientation, pattern layout, entrance and passage, ventilation, daylighting and heating, kitchen and bathroom arrangement, etc

although Feng Shui is not the most important influencing factor for home design, we may also use the wisdom and philosophy of Feng Shui to help improve the living environment closely related to us. Door refers to the entrance and exit of a building. The gate is the face of the house. A house with a clean and solemn door will be respected by the outside world. Door is not only the separation between home and society, but also the face of home. A family has to go through the door in and out. It is the most important entrance and exit of a home. For residents, the door is the embodiment of identity, and now luxury houses are favored for this reason

(1) door orientation and floor mat color

many families will lay a floor mat in front of the door, and the appropriate floor mat is also an important factor affecting house transportation. Because different colors have different properties, if the orientation of the door matches the color of the floor mat properly, it will add luck to home life

the door faces east and northeast ” mdash” mdash; Match with black floor mat

the entrance is facing the South and southeast of Chaoyang ” mdash” mdash; Match with green floor mat

the door faces west and southwest ” mdash” mdash; Match with yellow floor mat

the door faces north and northwest ” mdash” mdash; Match with milky white floor mat

(2) avoid the door

① the area outside the door should be clean and bright

open the door, the line of sight should be bright and clean, do not stack any obstacles in front of the door, there is a space for free movement, and there will be a sense of comfort and smoothness when entering and leaving the door every day. If the doorway space is relatively small, you can make visual adjustment by setting light or decorative light color at the doorway

② the door should not be facing the elevator

if the elevator is facing the household door, it is difficult to ensure the privacy of the home. There is always a feeling of being monitored when entering and leaving, which affects the quality of home life. At the same time, the up and down elevators also form a continuous cutting magnetic factory, disturbing people’s living atmosphere, which will naturally affect the health and fortune of residents

③ the door cannot be directly opposite to the window, back door or toilet

doors and windows are channels for regulating qi and openings for air flow in and out of the house. According to ” Don’t rush, like whirling ” ; The principle is that the door cannot be connected with the window and the back door in a straight line, so that the air flow cannot gather in the house and wealth cannot gather. The toilet is a foul space, and the door should not be directly facing the toilet

④ the gate cannot be directly facing the big tree, dead end, fire lane or triangular Street

if the big tree is at the door, it will bring in too much Yin Qi, and the big tree can’t go straight to the gate. The gate can’t face the dead end, fire lane or triangular street, which are places with heavy yin or waste gas. The gate can’t face a big mountain or the gorge of the mountain. The mountain blocks the view, while the gorge is like a trap. It’s not good to face the trap often

⑤ the gate should not be too narrow

the gate is the air port of the house. The air port should not be too narrow. The gate is wide in front of the door, which is called Mingtang open, which is conducive to the master’s study and career

⑥ don’t open the door when facing the chimney

what the chimney emits is dirty gas and waste gas, which is particularly harmful to human health. Of course, it’s not good to have a chimney outside the balcony and window

⑦ the gate should not face the corridor or passage

the gate should not face the corridor or passage. The depth inside the house is less than the length of the corridor, which is the most unfavorable. The screen can be decorated inside to change the effect of the door. If the house is in the bottom house and the gate is facing the road, annular trees or flowers can be planted

⑧ there should be three ways to get started

when you open the door, you can see the red walls or decorations as soon as you open the door, which gives you a warm and exciting feeling; Open the door to see green, that is, open the door to see green plants, full of vitality, but also the effect of nourishing and brightening the eyes; Open door painting can not only reflect the self-restraint of residents, but also alleviate the rush feeling after entering the door

⑨ there should be three things missing at the beginning

open the door to the stove, and the anger rushes towards people, making wealth and gas unable to enter; Open the door and see the toilet. If you don’t see the toilet when you enter the door, you will be greeted by foul gas; Open the door to the mirror, the mirror will reflect wealth

the way to change the door position is to add a screen in the door. In ancient times, screens played a great role in home furnishings. They were widely used. Screens can be set in all halls and bedrooms. The screen has three functions: changing the door position, separating the area and protecting privacy. According to the different production materials, it can be divided into glass screen, carved screen, calligraphy and painting screen, etc. the screen is characterized by small floor area and easy to move

(3) the color and size of the gate

select the material and style of the door, as long as it is generous and solid. The size of the gate should be proportional to the house, neither the door big house nor the door small. At the same time, the gate is the face of a family, which should be new rather than old. If the gate is damaged, it should be replaced immediately, and the door decoration should be less

the color of the gate should match the color of the owner’s five elements, so that the gate of the house is more perfect

auspicious colors of Jinming gate: white, gold, silver, blue, green, yellow and brown

auspicious colors of wooden gate: green, green, yellow, coffee, brown, gray and blue

auspicious colors of Shuiming gate: gray, blue, red, orange, white, gold and silver

auspicious colors of Huoming gate: red, orange, white, gold, silver, green and green

auspicious colors of earth life gate: yellow, brown, gray, blue, red, orange Purple

how to see the precautions of Feng Shui door in home decoration

1 Open and empty vases affect the feelings of husband and wife

in home feng shui, placing an empty vase in the right place of the door will affect the feelings of husband and wife and their good luck. If you are married, there will be a third party in the marriage. If you are unmarried, your feelings will not be settled for a long time

  2. Open door big screen affects wealth

in the current home pattern, most of the doors are opposite to the balcony, so many people like to add a screen or porch at the door. However, if the gate faces southwest, South and northwest, don’t add too large screen or porch at the gate, otherwise it will affect financial luck or work opportunities

  3. Open to the door, there are sharp weapons hanging on the wall

in ordinary families, it is not suitable to use murderous sharp weapons as furnishings. Unless someone in the family is engaged in politics and law, military, police, fire fighting and other work, it will cause tongue, dispute, entanglement, right and wrong, even official and non official, headache, and even require surgery because of physical problems

  4. Open balcony is bad for saving money

in many home situations, there are often open balcony or connected with balcony. In fact, this will have a certain impact on wealth. For example, wealth is good, but it costs a lot. There is always no way to save money

  5. Open the door to the toilet, good things are hard to grind

Home Feng Shui means that there will be many obstacles in the work, and there will be a lot of villains in the work career. The physical problem is that there will be problems in the intestines and stomach or gynecology

  6. Work hard in the refrigerator

open the refrigerator. It takes a lot of trouble in doing things, feelings and financial luck. Many things need to redouble their efforts or pay to succeed

  7. Open the door to the washing machine fiscal deficit

open the door to avoid seeing the washing machine

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