What if the stairs face the gate

Stairs are the most accident prone place in a building, and whether it is up or down stairs, if the door is facing the stairs, the strong airflow of people coming and going will seriously affect the feng shui of residents

first, break the gas field around the ring, break the balance of the gas field, and disperse the gas and wealth that had gathered around

Second, the impact of evil spirit brought by the high wind is easy to make people listless and give up halfway

for the convenience of daily life and personal safety, it is better not to choose the residence with the door facing the stairs. If the stairway to the south is close to the gate, and if there are reflective things in the gate, the sunlight in summer will reflect the light like a mirror. When people come down the stairs, they will be reflected by strong light. When they go down the stairs, they are easy to see clearly, slip and fall

in addition, if the stairway is set at this position, people may also suffer from diseases of the urinary system. Children may be hyperactive after being hit by this kind of evil spirit. Therefore, we should avoid the residence where the corridor stairs are facing the door, or use something like a screen at the door to block the breath and change the direction of the air flow

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