How big is the door of the store

The store door is the throat of the store and the channel for the circulation of customers and goods. The number of customers greeted and sent off by the store door every day determines the happiness and sadness of the store. Therefore, in order to improve the reception of customers, the store door should not be too small

the store door is too small. According to Feng Shui, it narrows the air outlet of the store, which is not conducive to receiving gas, reducing and slowing down the inflow of gas, thus reducing the anger in the store. For business activities, if the door as the access channel is too small, it will make it inconvenient for customers to get in and out. If customers still carry goods in their hands, there will be a collision, which is likely to damage the goods in the store, narrow store doors, and cause crowded people. Crowded people may stop some customers, and quarrels among customers and pickpocketing will occur due to crowded people, Ultimately affect the normal business order of the store. Therefore, it is best to widen the door of the store. The door of the shop is widened, which is to expand the so-called “Feng Shui”; Air port, The atmosphere mouth can accept big money and avoid other undesirable events, so as to ensure the good business order of the store and make the performance prosper day by day

a large store door can also better display the goods to customers, which is convenient for customers to purchase. Expanding the store door is equivalent to removing the partition wall between the goods in the store and the customers outside the store, so that the goods displayed in the store can be directly displayed to the market, so that the pedestrians on the street can see it, and the goods displayed in the store can form a physical advertisement, which not only publicizes the goods, but also does business. When the store door is expanded, the counter becomes a window for publicity, and this ” Counter window ” ; More flexible, you can see and trade. All the windows are removed and replaced by counters to open the store to customers. From the perspective of the benefit of store investment, it is to expand the business space and business area of the store without expanding the store

the significance of spacious store door is to enable customers to have more extensive and convenient access to goods. In terms of this principle, a further step is to set up a shopping mall that allows customers to pick up their own goods. In the white shopping mall, many goods are placed at present, and customers are more free to contact goods. They can get goods without going through the hands of salespeople. Practice has proved that customers can more widely contact goods and freely choose or reject goods according to their own wishes, which can improve the turnover of the store: This is also ” Store doors should be spacious ” ; The effect to be achieved

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