Must see home decoration Feng Shui common sense

When carrying out interior decoration, we will pay attention to the taboos on Feng Shui. Home feng shui is particularly important for the health, emotion, career and wealth of family members and the head of the family. Decorative Feng Shui, which plays the role of the finishing touch, is the key. As comrades who love the house and family, home decoration Feng Shui common sense must be understood

general knowledge of home decoration Feng Shui

color decoration Feng Shui: physiologists have studied that the color of a room can directly affect the normal physiological functions of the human body. For example, the color of a room can affect people’s eyesight. According to research, among various colors, cyan or green is the most beneficial to the eyes. The color of the room also has a great relationship with appetite. Yellow and orange can stimulate appetite and enhance people’s appetite. The color of the room will affect people’s sleep. Generally speaking, purple is conducive to people’s calmness and stability, and can make people fall asleep as soon as possible. Some people paint the bedroom in colorful colors, which can arouse people’s excitement and is not suitable for the bedroom. For kitchens and bathrooms, gray can be used to make the light of the environment more harmonious; The study adopts light green, which will give people a quiet and comfortable feeling; The living room and dining room are light yellow or pink, which can add a soft and happy atmosphere

bedroom decoration Feng Shui: pay attention to the stability and secrecy, which is the most important in family interior decoration Feng Shui. The head of the bed in the bedroom should not face west. According to modern scientific explanation, the earth rotates from east to west. If the head faces west, the blood often rushes directly to the top of the head, affecting the stability of sleep. Try not to stick the bed to the ground, because it is easy to hide moisture and lack of ventilation, which is easy to cause low back pain. The bed should not be too high. If your feet don’t touch the ground when sitting up, there is no sense of security. The bedside table should be round to avoid the corner of the table hitting the head. In addition, the bed should not be near strong light, which is easy to make the mood restless

living room decoration Feng Shui: all doors should be opened from the left; The door cannot face the elevator directly; The door shall not face the window, back door or toilet in a straight line; The gate and living room shall be equipped with a porch; The living room should be located in the front of the house; The prosperous residence is located at the diagonal of the gate; The living room should not be dark; The floor of the living room should not be uneven; The floor of the living room should be flat and should not have too many steps or make high and low differences; The living room cannot be a moving line; The living room should be covered with beams; The living room should use more circular decorations; The living room should not be hung with pictures of beasts; The living room should not be filled with antiques, sundries or decorations. The statue should be auspicious, not fierce wolves and dogs

different statues symbolize different tastes and hobbies. They can be abstract and only represent a certain feeling; It can also be very concrete, representing the interest of the host. Bedside should be placed to reflect the warm jewelry, symbolizing the happiness of the family and adding a warm atmosphere. If placed, such as fierce wolves and dogs, it is very easy to make the owner have nightmares. The best position of the living room is in the diagonal direction of the entrance, which is the best visual direction, which is conducive to the visual feeling of visitors. The living room must have good lighting conditions and bright lights, which is called ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; Meaning

flower decoration Feng Shui: cultivating more flowers and green grass indoors and on the balcony is very good for people’s health, but avoid flowers harmful to human body, such as rose. Its fragrance will make people feel stuffy and uncomfortable and have difficulty breathing; If you smell the fragrance of lily for too long, it will make people’s central nervous system over excited and cause insomnia. Other flowers harmful to human body include evening primrose, Bauhinia, tulip, oleander, etc

door and window decoration Feng Shui: the door is a place for people to enter and leave the house, and the house and door should have a sense of coordination. The space at the gate should be wide and open, and the light should be bright and sufficient. The design of windows should focus on the convection of air in the house, so that the air in the house can circulate and the people living in it can be healthy and safe

lighting decoration Feng Shui: in order to protect health and the needs of life and work, people use windows for lighting during the day and electric lights at night. The lighting arrangement of the room is very particular about the selection of lamps. If the room with a floor height of 2.7m is suitable to install ceiling lamps or chandeliers, coupled with olive cover and diamond cover, it can make the brightness moderate, the light calm and the field of vision wide. If the color of the room wall is light yellow, fluorescent lamps are suitable because the reflected rays of the yellow wall to the cold light source are short and not dazzling. The number and shape of lamps shall be selected according to the size of the room. When the room area is 20 square meters, the number of lamps should not exceed 4 ~ 5. When the room area is about 10 square meters, the long and narrow Trident flower point bamboo chandelier and similar wall lamps are suitable

I. no matter how large the house is, it must be kept clean and tidy. Don’t litter or put things around. Because in the geomantic omen of the dark sky, all unclean objects belong to earth, which will help the prosperous years and the moon fly. If you help Wang, it will affect people’s health. In this environment, you are prone to skin diseases, beriberi and acne on your face, which are actually caused by kissing by these viruses

II. The decoration and layout of the bedroom should be as elegant as possible to give people a fresh feeling. Red and yellow will produce five yellow virus stars, and red will have Chong grams with seven red and six white. The consequence of Kesha is that it is easy to suffer from dizziness, eye pain, headache and other diseases

III. the whole kitchen is yellow. According to the principle that the fire of the five elements is vented by the earth, the yellow tone can reduce the fire and prevent the fire from killing the flying star

IV. the toilet should be kept clean without peculiar smell. After using the toilet, cover it and close the door of the toilet, so that even if there is dirt, it will not be emitted into the room. If necessary, sprinkle some coarse salt after cleaning at ordinary times

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