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is no ground for blame. But the two healthy and safe is worth a thousand words. The home decoration Fengshui and layout must be safe and the pursuit of fashion design is beyond dispute. But have the order reversed, and the essence of Feng Shui left behind by the old master is not worth neglecting in the use of home. p”gt;

home decoration Feng Shui pattern

bright hall and dark room

ensure daylighting conditions and air circulation. Feng Shui has the so-called ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; The principle is that the living room should be bright, the lighting should be sufficient, the overall doors and windows should be properly arranged, and the air circulation should be smooth, which can naturally create a good atmosphere. If the daylighting is insufficient, it is easy to cause the light blockage and air closure in the living room, and the air is not circulating. Living in it is naturally prone to respiratory diseases such as respiratory infection and fever; Being in a dark house for a long time, psychologically or mentally, it is easier to form major diseases due to the accumulation of small problems over time. If the daylighting in the living room is insufficient, you can turn on the lights all day to strengthen the lack of natural daylighting

beautiful lighting and good atmosphere are home elements valued by more and more people. Only full bright and full dark lighting may not meet the use needs. Therefore, the three-stage lighting of full bright, slight bright and full dark can not only take into account the change of situation, but also meet the wind and water conditions. It is a lighting design with the best of both worlds. The main demand of home lighting is bright and warm. If you use too complex multi-stage light switch, it not only does not meet the conditions of convenient use, but also makes people upset and irritable by repeatedly pressing the light for several times every time

three lights should always be on at home

from the perspective of Feng Shui, a good lighting layout can play a role in transforming evil spirits. For example, if your home has a dark and humid corridor, you should use a long red light to reduce its adverse magnetic field. At home ” Missing angle ” ; Bright lamps can be placed at ” Corner compensation ” ; The effect of. In addition, if the beam at home can not be concealed through decoration, wall lamps can be installed at both ends under the beam, and the upward light can reduce the psychological pressure brought by the beam. Regardless of the layout, generally speaking, it is necessary to have three lights at home. The first is the bright hall light: the area in front of the gate or the bright hall of the residence, on which the indicator light is placed, will help the fortune of each residence behind the bright hall and play a role in common prosperity

kitchen Feng Shui. If your kitchen is located in the south, placing foliage plants such as green pineapple will help you save money and reduce the tendency to spend money indiscriminately; If in other directions, red flowers can be placed on the table / near the refrigerator, which is conducive to health and wealth; If it is located in the west, golden flowers, daffodils or three color violets should be placed by the window, which can not only block the evil spirit of the sunset, but also bring wealth; When it is located in the north, pink and orange flowers should be placed, which can add vitality to the room and gather wealth and blessings

in the open kitchen, many people like to make a bar in the part connected between the kitchen and the living room. It is usually used as a dining table. When friends come, they mix some cocktails, which is quite exotic. It not only meets the psychology of young people, but also makes clever use of space. However, from the perspective of home feng shui, unless fate likes water, it is not recommended to set up a bar indoors. Because the bar will naturally be equipped with some drinks, and water means wealth, according to ” Wealth is not exposed ” ; According to the principle of Feng Shui, it’s best not to set up a bar

putting water beside the door can promote wealth. Making good use of the function of the door can promote wealth and recruit wealth for the family. The orientation of the door can be said to be the lifeblood of wealth, and the simplest way to promote wealth is to put water beside the door, the so-called ” Mountain owner Ding Shuizhu wealth ” , Where there is water, wealth can play its role. In addition to water, all aquatic plants and flower arrangements can promote wealth. The best thing is to use mahogany bronze Taiji Bagua mirror, which can take effect as long as it is placed near the gate

The eight directions in the eight trigrams represent ” Eight desires in life ” quot– Family, money, reputation, marriage, children, noble people, work and knowledge. Make sure you want to improve or strengthen one of the eight areas. For example, if you want to increase your money, the corresponding location is the southeast. You check your gossip and find the five behaviors corresponding to the southeast ” Wood ” . In order to stimulate this position, you should place items related to wooden rows (such as potted plants) in this position. (you can also use water to enhance the energy of this position, because water ” generates ” wood. You will find the meaning of each position. But we have to give a warning in advance, that is, don’t try to enhance too many positions at one time, otherwise you may find that many subsequent opportunities will make you unable to cope with. Good home decoration, Feng Shui and layout can also attract wealth and help you

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