Understanding the Impact of T-junction Roads on your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that involves the placement of objects and design of living spaces to create balance and harmony. It is grounded on the principle that everything has energy, and the goal is to create a positive flow of energy by addressing any imbalances in the environment. One factor that negatively impacts the energy flow of a living space is the positioning of roads, such as T-junction roads. In this article, we’ll look at the impact T-junction roads may have on Feng Shui and ways to alleviate any related negative energies.

Understanding the Impact of T-junction Roads

In Feng Shui, roads carry energy, and the flow of that energy can significantly impact the energy within a home. A T-junction road is considered unfavorable due to the fast-moving energy that enters into the home, creating negative energy. The road redirecting or turning towards the house carries an agitated flow of energy that can lead to instability, stress, and financial or health issues for the people living in the house.

For homeowners, living in a home located in a T-junction could lead to issues with their career, prosperity, relationship, and overall well-being. Additionally, noise pollution is an added factor that could potentially disturb the peace within the home. Therefore, living in a home facing a T-junction can have a substantial negative impact on the energy flow of an environment in the long-term, affecting the overall quality of one’s living space.

Factors to consider when evaluating T-junctions

Apart from the architecture and design of your home, the surroundings also play a crucial role in determining overall energy flow. For instance, it is essential to consider what type of vehicles frequent the road, and at what intervals do they pass. The speed and size of the vehicles could impact the vibrations created, leading to unrest within the home. Homeowners should also consider potential accumulated traffic due to surrounding establishments, such as schools or bars.

Remedies for a Home Facing a T-junction

Fortunately, in Feng Shui, there are several remedies that homeowners can use to deflect negative energy and augment positive energy to balance the adverse impact of living in a home facing a T-junction. Some of the commonly used remedies include:

  • Feeding the home’s energy: In Feng Shui, placing plants in front of the house can create a natural barrier that impedes the negative flow of energy. It could be plants that grow vertically, horizontally, or any decoration that aligns with your personal aesthetic.
  • Protective Sha symbol: By placing a Ba Gua mirror (round concave/convex mirror) on the exterior wall of your home facing the T-junction, the redirecting energy can be repelled away from the home.
  • Using Vastu principles: Feng Shui and Vastu shastra (an Indian architectural system) share some commonalities, including adhering to the cardinal directions. In Vastu, it is advised that the home be positioned facing north, making it one of the best directions to face a T-junction. Vastu also suggests that the entrance be positioned to the northeast to keep negative energies away.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping serves as a natural remedy in Feng Shui, creating barriers that can deflect the redirecting energy from the T-junction away from the home. A few shrubs or trees, particularly those that grow vertically, offer added protection while creating a beautiful view.
  • Balancing the energy flow: By balancing the energy flow within the home, homeowners can create a positive environment that minimizes the impact of negative energy. For instance, by placing items associated with Wood energy, such as a vase or a painting of a forest, in the east-facing portion of the home, the positive energy of abundance and prosperity can balance out the adverse influence of a T-junction.


In Feng Shui, it is essential to balance energy flow to create a harmonious and peaceful living space. When the house faces a T-junction road, the redirected and fast-moving energy could negatively impact the home’s residents. Using the available Feng Shui remedies such as plants, Vastu principles, mirror, and landscaping can help deflect the negative flow of energy and promote a harmonious environment within the home. By balancing vital elements and using known practices, homeowners can positively transform the energy quality to make their living spaces a haven of well-being and happiness.

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