Is insomnia often related to Feng Shui in the bedroom

Insomnia is the origin of many diseases. Long term lack of sleep or insomnia, the impact on people, not only bags drooping and dark circles as simple, but also cause serious damage to physical and mental health

one third of one’s life is spent in bed. Therefore, the main reason for our insomnia is beyond what the medical profession thinks. In Feng Shui, there are the following reasons: the bedroom is too large, the window is too large, the low bay window, the bedroom has a balcony, etc. How to set the bed is also one of the most important reasons

(1) lack of Western swing bed

now, except that the house is too small to put the bed in the middle, most families like to put the bed in the middle of the room according to the Western way of setting the bed. Only the head of the bed is against the wall, and all three sides can go to bed. This way of setting the bed is basically of no benefit except that it is convenient to get on and off the bed. The reason is: when two adults sleep on a 1.5-meter-wide bed, they will appear very nervous and can’t relax. They will be afraid of falling into the bed. If you put a baby on it, it will not fall out of bed. Adults don’t get out of bed because of ” Control ” ;. However, to control, some nerves must not rest and have to ” all night; Nursing ” ; I love you. This will greatly reduce your sleep and prevent you from getting a thorough and relaxed rest

(2) the beauty of Chinese shelf bed

China has a civilization history of thousands of years. In this continuous history of thousands of years, the Chinese people have summed up a very scientific way of life. For example, the ancient big bed in China is a very scientific product. This kind of bed is called shelf bed. Can be divided into ” Four column bed” Six column bed ” ;. There are many other variants, such as moon cave door cover, shelf bed, etc. It has 40 cm high fences on three sides and 40 cm wide fences on both sides of the bed opening, leaving only about 1.2 meters for the door opening to get on and off the bed

it has several advantages:

first, with the surrounding fence, sleeping on it is much more relaxed. There will be no fear of falling out of bed

Second, the fences on the left and right sides in front of the bed are also well designed. It allows people who sleep close to the bed to rely on their head and feet, and there will be no feeling of frustration at the waist. Therefore, there is no worry of falling out of bed, and you can sleep very relaxed

Third, the shelf bed reduces your sleeping space. If you add a curtain, it will be like a cabin. It’s definitely hiding wind and gathering Qi. It’s wonderful

(3) the bed is placed in the middle of the room

don’t put the bed in the middle. First, the three sides are helpless and lack a sense of security. Second, the bedroom space is separated in pieces, which is very inconvenient to use. If the room is not big, it is easy to hurt hands and feet. We always say that Feng Shui pays attention to ” Hide wind and gather gas ” ;. We often say that on the fengshui of luantao, the diagonal corner of the door is the wealth position. This is for the design of the old house. The reason is enough. That corner is a place where wind and gas gather, and the doors and windows can’t be rushed. If people sleep there, they can be healthy. With a healthy body, flexible mind and energetic, of course, you have the spirit to make money. Therefore, in the final analysis, the meaning of wealth is to ensure human health

(4) whether the mirror is facing the bed

if there is a mirror on either side of the bedroom, it is unfavorable. In addition to affecting health and the feelings of husband and wife, it can also affect wealth and offspring. Especially at the end of the bed, do not hang a mirror. Because this mirror is like a ” Dementor mirror, It will upset the people in the room. If you want to install a mirror in the bedroom, it’s best to install it in a more hidden position

(5) whether the bedside is close to the focus

if the bedroom is next to the kitchen, the bedside cannot be placed on the side close to the stove, because the kitchen belongs to ” Fire ” , It is easy to make people ill or nervous and irritable

(6) whether there is a beam above the bed

the bed cannot be placed under the top cabinet, beam or lighting. Otherwise, it will lead to headache, joint pain and other diseases, or reputation damage

(7) whether the head of the bed is facing the door

if the head of the bed is facing the door or the door of the bedroom, it is called ” Door rush, People are restless and prone to nightmares or hallucinations

(8) whether the light in the bedroom is too strong

if the light in the bedroom is too strong, people are easy to be grumpy; If the light is too dark, it is easy to lose sleep and produce melancholy

(9) whether there is a gap behind the bedside

the head of the bed should be close to the wall or real object, and there should be no gap. It is called “Feng Shui”; Backer ” ;. Otherwise, it is easy to produce illusion and pessimism, and serious cases may lead to schizophrenia

(10) there are unique tricks for changing beds for insomnia

if you slept well in the past, you only had insomnia recently. You can’t sleep all the time, and the room and bed have not been adjusted. And I haven’t bought new things, new objects, and I haven’t encountered anything particularly stressful. I just can’t sleep. Looking left and right can’t find the reason. A usually effective way to teach you is to sleep on another head. The so-called sleeping on the other side means that the head of your original bed is the end of your bed and the end of your original bed is the head of your bed. It can’t be simpler. To hand, in the end whether there is any effect, you might as well ask friends who usually have insomnia or now have insomnia to try. Including newborn babies, if they often cry at night and sleep on the other side, they also sleep very well. The mystery here is the difference between the airflow and magnetic field at the head and tail of the bed. Moreover, because of the change of time and the good or bad luck of the change of airflow and magnetic field, people’s disease, health or insomnia come from here. Therefore, many people move to live in peace. In addition to the stove, the door is facing, and the placement of this bed is also quite demanding

if you don’t sleep well all the time, you always have insomnia. Obviously, it is not as simple as changing the head of the bed to the end of the bed, which can be resolved and adjusted. So what? The method is slightly more complex than the above, but it is not complex. Turn the original bed 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. That is, the left or right hand of the original head of the bed is used as the head or tail of the bed, and the head and tail of the original bed are used as both sides of the bed. Whether to turn 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise depends on the room space and door. Generally, after such adjustment, you will be able to say goodbye to insomnia. Friends with long-term insomnia habits can have a try, and the effect must be obvious. It’s simple and practical, and it doesn’t cost money

What if you can’t sleep well all the time and the bed can’t move? There are also ways to take second place. For example, add a small screen at the entrance door. Don’t be tall. Or a small screen can be replaced by a cabinet. It doesn’t have to be too high. A half type is OK. Or add a long cabinet where you often get on and off the bed, in order to make you get on and off the bed from another place. At the same time, there is a cabinet between the head of the bed and the room

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