What color is good for the toilet

Feng Shui also pays attention to the color selection of the toilet. The overall color of the toilet should be consistent. Of course, everyone has his own preference for color. Here are some feelings of toilet color

white can produce a bright and clean feeling, with the most reflective effect and strong sense of space. If you are worried that pure white is too cold, you might as well use milky white instead, which can add a little warmth to the space

light pink and light peach are very soft and can create a soft, warm and sweet feeling. They are especially popular with children and young women

yellow symbolizes sunshine. Its brilliance can inspire spirit, make people full of vitality and add warmth to the space

red is a saturated, high color and transparent color, which is easy to create a warm and strong sense of space. The disadvantage is that it will make people feel uneasy, but it itself exudes warm magic, which is beyond the power of other colors, and is especially suitable for spacious toilets

the romantic atmosphere brought by dark purple is mysterious and heavy. People immersed in a gloomy atmosphere can enjoy the elegant romantic feeling. This color needs to be carefully selected. Improper design will make the space look melancholy and dim, which is generally rarely used

black and white is an eternal fashion. This classic collocation is one of the reference ways in personalized home decoration. In fact, the bathing space constructed by black and white is an alternative classical expression

green is reminiscent of the fragrance and peace of plants. Being in it seems to smell the fresh smell of tender grass outside the house. Wandering in the green garden makes you calm and relaxed. Therefore, green is also a commonly used color

blue can make people feel carefree and calm, especially in summer. Blue can make the body and mind enjoy the cold in the dry heat of summer

the toilet composed of various colors and colorful colors is very childlike fun. It is the most pleasing to children and can also keep adults’ rare childlike innocence

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