Where is the gourd in the porch

The establishment of the porch is to prevent people from opening the door, and the whole home is displayed in front of people at a glance. Therefore, it is very appropriate to hang a gourd picture at the porch. Due to ” Gourd ” ; And ” Ferro ” ; Homonym, so it has the meaning of longevity, and the gourd has a close relationship with the fairyland. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the gourd belongs to the highest Yang, which can suppress and expel evil spirits. Therefore, many people put the gourd at the door of their home to pray for protecting the house, expelling evil spirits and welcoming good luck. Moreover, the large number of gourd seeds also implies the prosperity of future generations and the happiness and health of their families. Therefore, it is a symbol of good fortune, auspiciousness and many children. Now, hand-painted gourd paintings are used to replace gourds, and a gourd painting is placed at the entrance to welcome blessings and ward off evil spirits. The family is prosperous, the descendants are continuous, and the life is rich. It is a good practice to hang the gourd in the porch, because the porch is located at the door. Hanging the gourd in the porch is the moral of attracting money at the door

gourd is a magic instrument commonly used to regulate Feng Shui at home. Gourd has the effect of pursuing good fortune and avoiding bad fortune. However, the placement of Feng Shui gourd also has certain stress and taboo, and can not be placed at will

I. placement function of Feng Shui gourd

1. Couples have weak feelings and often argue over small things. Such a family will have a hard time. Gourd can also be used to enhance the relationship between husband and wife

2. The gourd is preferably made of copper or wood. It is placed on the head of the bed in the master bedroom for unlimited time, which is good for promoting family harmony and even fertility

3. The sound of gourd and ” Ferro ” ; Similar, and its shape is round and curved, which seems quite lucky. With the characteristics of small entrance and large belly, it seems to be able to absorb gold, silver and jewelry. Hanging on the position of wealth, when the gourd receives the wealth, it is not easy to outflow. The function of keeping money and gathering wealth is first-class

4. The gourd is placed in the wealth position of the Chinese zodiac, which can be placed on the table or hung in these directions

1. Career development: great improvement

from the attribute of the gourd body, such ornaments can significantly enhance the exclusion of villains in career development, so that individuals will not be strongly disturbed by the outside world in the critical period of career development. Therefore, you can concentrate on your career development. Therefore, if we can find a good jade gourd, please put it at the entrance porch, so that our career can be promoted to the peak

P “gt; from the point of view, jade has a great role in promoting health, which is also related to the role of keeping the wind and water. From the perspective of Feng Shui layout, the entrance porch is related to the healthy development of the whole family. If the jade gourd is placed at the entrance porch, the purity of Feng Shui can be significantly improved, which plays a good role in promoting the healthy development of the family

3. Fortune: open the door to accept wealth

there are many functions of placing jade gourds at the entrance porch. From the perspective of fortune, placing gourds in this place can significantly improve the purity of fortune. Because the career fortune has also been greatly improved, the wealth fortune improved under this background has almost no side effects

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