What are the Feng Shui taboos in the bathroom

People have three emergencies. They also pay attention to Feng Shui when going to the toilet. The toilet is also called toilet. In order to save space, modern houses often make toilets and bathrooms together. What are the Feng Shui taboos in the bathroom

Feng Shui taboo in the bathroom

1. Feng Shui is based on ” Gossip ” ; And ” Nine Stars ” ; Based on ” Gossip ” ; Is based on ” Quartet ” ; Yes, ” Nine Stars ” ; Is based on ” Gate ” ; Yes. Therefore, we should know where the toilet we often go is in the East, West, North and south? If the toilet you often go to is in the northeast, it will be harmful to health and emotion. Both men and women may suffer from diseases, which will have a more adverse impact on the health of the elderly. If you are plagued by stubborn low back pain and gastrointestinal diseases, you might as well check whether the location of the toilet is in the northeast of the house, which is usually the location of the ghost gate

If unfortunately your house or the toilet in your unit or company is in the north, especially in the northeast, try to avoid going to the toilet; You can’t avoid it. You can hang a Chinese knot at the door of your house toilet, or flush the toilet every time you go to the toilet, which can dissolve the bad spirit

2. If you use the toilet randomly outside, in other words, it is not the toilet you often use, then you need to see whether the toilet is in accordance with ” Male left female right ” ; If so, you can use it boldly; If not, or just the opposite, then you need to be careful, because this kind of toilet violates the basic principles of feng shui theory. When you use this toilet, you need to spit in the urinal first to dissolve the evil spirit first

3. Don’t let your urine out of the urinal when you go to the toilet. This problem is often committed by men, and the result is that you lose money and increase emotional trouble. Chinese men’s toilets in the north and south of the river will have a reminder: ” Take a small step forward and a big step forward in civilization ” , I hope not to let your ” Water ” ; Sprinkle it outside the urinal. Of course, this is from the perspective of hygiene. There was a fly in the urinal. It was usually found in a fake urinal. It turns out that smart and rigorous Germans deliberately draw a fly in a certain position, and male compatriots will involuntarily use their own ” Water ” ; Go to ” Call ” ; This fly, when you’re done, you find that there are really few ” Water ” ; Leakage; Strangely, although everyone knows it’s a fake fly, everyone still enjoys it every time it’s convenient. Maybe this is human nature. Anyway, this really works

4. Take toilet paper with you when you go to the bathroom. Some friends (mostly men) either don’t have time and don’t take toilet paper at ordinary times, or just use paper casually. For example, students use straw paper, newspapers, and even cigarette paper in the past. This is also extremely unfavorable to yourself, which will greatly leak wealth and emotion. From the perspective of metaphysics, it is not suitable to exchange toilet paper in the toilet. For example, some girls ask for toilet paper from friends or even strangers in the toilet, or even sanitary napkins in serious cases, which is OK occasionally; For a long time, it will certainly be bad for yourself. To say the least, it is better to ask for toilet paper outside the toilet

5. Be careful. It’s convenient under big trees in the wild, beside old houses, under bridges, culverts and trees, especially for women; Do not ” ;. A female friend said: ” Then I’m really in a hurry. I can’t be convenient on the main road in broad daylight when I can’t find the toilet;. Well, I really wronged you. Of course, that sentence is still acceptable from time to time, because these places are all places with serious Yin Qi and urgency. For those friends who work in the field all year round, it’s not too cautious

6. Feng Shui taboos in toilets. You should pay attention to toilets and toilets with toilets, such as toilets on airplanes and in some higher places. You must not use them immediately after the person in front of you uses them, let alone when the residual temperature of others on the toilet has not disappeared; Strike while the iron is hot, Never use it. Otherwise, your hemorrhoids and gynecological diseases are small things. The key is that your Qi field is seriously hindered, which is a big thing. The correct method is to wait for a moment. When using, it can’t be close to the toilet. Some female friends are ” Overcompensate ” , Just squat on the toilet, okay? Otherwise, why? Because you may lose your luck and emotions

7. Washing hands before defecation is more important for both men and women. If the conditions do not permit, it is also a good way to wipe your hands with a wet towel. The worst thing is to take off your pants and belt ” Dry ” ;. You know, the toilet is water, the kitchen is water, you need to clean your hands, not to mention from the perspective of hygiene

8. I believe many friends have the habit of reading newspapers, magazines and books when they go to the toilet. It seems that if they don’t take something to read, they won’t ” Results ” ; The meaning of. OK or not? This also varies from person to person. It may not be harmful to some people (regardless of hygiene), but it may not be suitable for other friends. For example, it is extremely inappropriate for those men and women who lack wood in the five elements and are engaged in finance, trade, media and other work. Because the five elements of books belong to wood, and books are homophonic ” Enter ” , Therefore, you are in the toilet at least once a day ” Launching ” ; Read ” Enter ” , It may lead to poor financial luck. Of course, it may also lose the opportunity of promotion and emotional failure. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, you should get rid of this habit. Maybe you will be lucky

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