Interior layout of study

The study is the most important place to study and also the place to open people’s wisdom. So how to decorate the study and get better Feng Shui to help your studies


the study needs a quiet environment, which is conducive to the owner’s physical and mental pleasure and easier to absorb knowledge

therefore, it is better to use wall materials with sound insulation or sound absorption function. The wall materials with sound insulation or sound absorption function generally use wallpaper or flexible plate


keeping quiet is the biggest feature of the study, so even if it is the ground, it is best to use wooden floors and carpets with sound insulation or absorption effect. Its materials are similar to those used for walls. The materials used in both places should have sound insulation or absorption effect. However, the carpet should not be too thick and soft. It is better to be thin and soft. Thick and soft is easy to make people feel lazy


the intensity of the study light is very important in its impact on people. Soft and bright lights are good for eyesight, while strong lights or colored lights will disturb the line of sight, which will cause the homeowner’s mental uncertainty and scattered thoughts, so they should not be used. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use those lamps that emit strong light or color light in the study. It is best to choose some soft and bright lamps


the overall color allocation of the study should be elegant and bright colors, mainly light colors. Generally, do not use colors that are too dark, cold, or too strong and heavy. If the color is too deep, it will affect the spirit of scholars and have a sense of depression. It is not conducive to learning progress. From the perspective of numerology, the color of the study should also be determined according to the learners’ color of the five elements of numerology. If the God of numerology is the five elements of golden water, you can choose to brush white and light yellow

study window

the size of the study window should be coordinated with the overall shape of the study. The window size should be moderate. If it is a floating window, it can be changed. French windows are difficult to gather Qi, which makes people’s spirit and thoughts not concentrated, and people are easy to get tired. The window is too small and the lack of light is easy to produce a sense of depression, which makes people feel that it is not stretch enough and is not conducive to learning

bookcase bookcase bookcase bookcase bookcase bookcase should be made of wood material to generate hair for good wood. Wood bookcase helps to increase Yang Qi, and wood is flexible, which makes people feel peaceful and conducive to learning

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