What colors are the decoration of children’s room harmful to Feng Shui

the decoration of children’s room has the following taboos in color:

① it can’t be decorated in red. Red is a warm color that makes people’s nerves nervous and excited, which is not conducive to children’s study and rest, and it is also easy to lead to bloody disaster in Feng Shui

② it cannot be decorated in orange. Orange is an early warning color, which is easy to attract children’s attention and make children unable to settle down to study

③ yellow, especially bright yellow, should not be used, otherwise it will stimulate children’s visual nerve, affect children’s appetite, and commit yellow five-star evil spirits on Feng Shui, causing collision to children

④ white or black should not be used. White and black are too monotonous and rigid, which is not conducive to children’s identification of colors. Moreover, the solemnity of white will make children shudder, while black will make children mentally tired and depressed. Black and white are rational and solemn colors, and are not conducive to cultivating lively and cheerful character in childhood

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