Feng Shui method for placing bed in bedroom

One third of one’s life is spent in bed. Good bed, good sleep and good quality of life. Therefore, the Feng Shui method of placing the bed in the bedroom can not be easily ignored. It’s better to use it all the time instead of using it after others have used it. This problem is usually more prominent for renters

another taboo of placing

bed at the head of the bed is: placing it at the head of the bed at the west, or the right side of the bed against the wall and window, which is greatly detrimental to the feelings and health of men and women

be careful to let others sleep in your bed, especially in the same sex. Otherwise, over time, your feelings, marriage and love will also bring disadvantages. Everyone has their own aura. In some cases, some friends often rent or live together, or even live in the same room for a long time. If you just sleep in the same bed, unfortunately, you commit ” Rules ” , It will lead to problems in their marriage and love

the location of the bedroom and the placement of the bed are inconsistent with your five elements. Some friends may not understand this sentence. It is better to take an example: if you are a water life and your bedroom is in the South (belonging to fire), it will be incompatible with water and fire, which is harmful to the relationship and health of men and women. For another example, if you are Jinming, your bedside is to the East, and there is wood in the East, which leads to Jinke wood. This is also bad

The window in your bedroom can’t be directly next to your bed, otherwise, it will fulfill the old saying: the bed is close to the window, easy to suffer. The window has the meaning of symbolizing emotion, so in many love stories, there are often scenes in which the protagonists tell each other their feelings and stay together for a lifetime. Therefore, we can’t be careless about the windows in the bedroom. Try not to lean against the window beside the bed, and it is better to have a small aisle; Moreover, if the head of the bed is against the window, it is even worse. In this way, it is vulnerable to bad magnetic field interference when sleeping at night. In the long run, there will be cracks in love and health. Moreover, if the end of the bed is against the window, it often affects your sex and leads to many emotional contradictions between husband and wife. Therefore, we should avoid placing the bed by the window. If we have to put it by the window, it is appropriate to resolve it according to our own destiny or the destiny of husband, wife and men and women

the right side of the bed cannot lean against the wall

subject to the head of the bed, and the right side of your bed cannot lean against the wall. Strictly speaking, the space on the right side of the bed cannot be less than that on the left side of the bed; Further, the height of furniture items placed on the right side of the bed cannot be higher than that of furniture items placed on the left side. This sentence seems very tongue twister, but Dr. Zheng hopes that his friends can understand it ” mdash” mdash; This is actually related to your bedridden green dragon and white tiger

bed taboos, Feng Shui taboos on bed placement you have to see

1. When lying in bed, pregnant women should try to avoid it, not visible, let alone participate in moving the bed. Similarly, when changing sheets, pregnant women are usually not allowed to change them at will

2. Pregnant women are forbidden to sit in bed, sew and wear needles and thread, otherwise the new baby’s face is easy to break

3. Before the newborn baby goes home, parents should first set up the baby’s bed for standby on a certain day. It will be useful when the baby comes home after birth, otherwise it will be difficult for the baby to grow up

4. If newly married men and women don’t choose a good time and auspicious day to be happy ” New bed ” , It is possible to commit murder, so that the wife is separated or has no children for many years

5. Do not move the bed at will during general cleaning. Be careful, otherwise it will easily lead to a lot of trouble. If you really want to move the bed, you’d better move the head of the bed first and then the tail of the bed

if the bed in the bedroom is placed in a second-hand room and the bed of the original owner is used, it is unfavorable to the relationship between men and women. Some people sleep on the sofa or sofa bed: people come to sit on the sofa during the day and open the sofa as a bed at night. As a result, the relationship between men and women is getting worse and worse

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