Will you close the balcony

For safety and other factors, some families use glass to completely close the balcony. Due to the limitation of modern residential pattern, balcony has become an important vent of most houses. It is not only an important source of residential daylighting, but also an air outlet of houses. If the balcony is completely closed, not only the prosperous gas can not enter the house, but also all kinds of indoor filthy gas can not be discharged outside the house, which is very unfavorable to home transportation. Therefore, when transforming the balcony, ventilation windows should be left, which should not be completely closed

if the balcony is sealed, it will cause poor ventilation in the house, making it difficult for the air in the house to keep fresh, and the content of oxygen will decrease accordingly

in addition, the breathing, coughing and perspiration of family members in the house will cause human body pollution. In addition, many harmful substances emitted by stove, cooking, water heater and other items will be trapped in the house because the balcony is sealed. Living in it for a long time is easy to cause nausea, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms

a good balcony should have an air inlet window with the outside to maintain the circulation of indoor air, so the balcony cannot be closed

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