What plants are suitable to put in the kitchen

The environmental humidity of the kitchen is relatively high, which is very suitable for the growth of plants, and the color and life of plants can also bring more vitality to the kitchen

when selecting plants, those varieties that are scolded should be excluded. In addition, the kitchen has a lot of oil fume and high temperature, which is not suitable for placing large potted plants. Therefore, small potted plants such as Chlorophytum, Impatiens and hanging bamboo grass are very suitable. Especially Chlorophytum, it can effectively absorb carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the kitchen and filter harmful gases in the air

in addition, there are different plants in different kitchens. If the kitchen is located in the south, it is suitable for placing foliage plants. The leaves of plants will be strongly irradiated by the sun, which will help to alleviate the tendency of plants to be exposed to the sun. The best orientation of the kitchen is in the East. If it is in other directions, plants can be placed near the refrigerator, which is conducive to maintaining good health. Especially when the kitchen is located in the west, putting two-color violets, daffodils or other golden flowers beside the window can resist evil on the one hand and bring wealth on the other

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