What’s particular about Feng Shui on the living room screen

The screen placed in the living room can play a good feng shui role in the house. What kind of material should the screen in the living room choose? This also needs to be seen according to its location in the living room. The living room is a very special part of the house. Each direction has a unique meaning, and the five elements are also different:

the five elements in the East and southeast of the living room belong to wood, which represent the health and wealth of the family respectively. The wooden screen is placed in these two directions, which can increase health and wealth

the south of the living room belongs to fire. Wood makes fire. It is also suitable for putting wooden screens, which helps to improve the reputation of the family; The five elements in the West and northwest of the living room belong to gold, which respectively represent the transportation of children and grandchildren and popularity. The metal screen should be placed in these two directions, which can promote the development of these two aspects

the five elements in the north belong to water, which represents business luck and is also suitable for placing metal screens. However, the use of metal screens should be more cautious, and too many metal objects should not be placed in the living room

of course, the material of the screen is not necessarily the only way. You can choose the screen view dominated by wood or metal edging, silk embroidery or brocade, and it is not suitable to cause the phenomenon of excessive one of the five elements

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