The shop gate should not be opposite to the road sign

the gate of the store should not be on the road sign

in Feng Shui, the road sign indicating traffic sometimes affects the store. For example, opposite the door of the store, there are electric lamp posts, electric poles or parking signs standing, which is called ” To Tang Sha, Also called ” Pierce the heart” Piercing the heart ” ; It will lead to money loss, easy to talk about right and wrong, and the risk of life and death, which is unfavorable to the operator. People in shops who commit this evil are likely to suffer from diseases such as confidants. If they fly to zhengsha, Sansha and Taisui in the best time, the consequences will be even more serious. It is recommended not to choose shops with this pattern

there must be no smelly ditch in front of the door of the store

Feng Shui emphasizes that the door of the public house should avoid ominous objects. In another sense, it emphasizes that people’s work and life need an environment with fresh air and good visual sense. In a good environment, talents will be happy, give full play to their intelligence, and naturally have a high success rate. No smelly ditch is allowed to flow in front of the store gate. The gate is like a person’s face. If there is sewage, it will give people a dirty feeling. With a poor image, business is naturally difficult to carry out

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