What’s particular about the placement of the combination cabinet in the living room

The high combination cabinet and sofa in the living room, one high and one low, one real and one virtual, are ideal Feng Shui cooperation. The living rooms of many families are equipped with high combination cabinets. In addition to placing TV and audio equipment, the high combination cabinet can also place all kinds of accessories on the upper floor, which is neat, beautiful and practical. If the living room area is small, but put a tall combination cabinet in it, there will be a sense of oppression and congestion. If you want to improve this situation, you can use a half height cabinet to keep the distance between the top of the cabinet and the roof about two feet. In this way, the pattern of the living room will be greatly changed. These two feet of space are very important in Feng Shui. With these two feet of space as a buffer, the ” Gas ” ; There will be enough room for maneuver, and you can come and go freely without obstruction. In terms of design, these two feet are similar to ” in traditional Chinese painting; Dew White ” , The whole structure will become flexible

if it is necessary to use the high body cabinet to the top in the small hall, the flexible method is to use the hollow high body cabinet. This kind of cabinet is characterized by heavy weight at the bottom and light and hollow at the top. The lower weight means that the lower half of the combined cabinet is larger, while the upper light means that the upper half of the cabinet is smaller, and the hollow means that the middle of the cabinet is empty. In other words, this is ” Dew White ” ; Move down from the top of the cabinet to the middle part. Although the hollow high body combination cabinet is as high as the roof, there is a considerable blank in the middle, so it is not crowded and reduces the sense of oppression. The lower half of the cabinet can store books and sundries, which should be covered by a wooden door; The space in the top half can display antiques and various collections. As for the hollow part, TV sets and audio equipment can be placed

generally speaking, higher and longer cabinets should be used in the hall, while lower and shorter cabinets should be used in the small hall. Make sure the size is moderate. Because the small cabinet used in the hall will feel empty and empty, while the large cabinet used in the small hall will feel oppressive and crowded. It will feel uncomfortable from the perspective of vision alone

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