Which side is better to open the gate

When it comes to the orientation of the house, most people will think of four directions: front, rear, left and right. However, from the perspective of feng shui theory, these four directions are not the best directions for opening the door. The front and left directions are considered to be the most conducive to Feng Shui, while the right and rear directions are generally not recommended by Feng Shui experts

from azimuth to ” Four spirits ” ; ” Front rosefinch, back Xuanwu, left green dragon, right White Tiger ” ;. The rosefinch is the south, the basalt is the north, the green dragon is the East and the white tiger is the square. The South and the East have always been regarded as honoring the throne, the so-called ” Purple comes from the East and lives in the South ” ; Both of them are related to the good feng shui in these two directions

in the north, basaltic weapons generally face the side with heavy Yin Qi. It is especially inappropriate to open the door in the north. In addition, the back of a good house should generally be a mountain. The door faces the mountain, and there will be ” Mount Tai presses the top of the mountain ” ; Feeling. The white tiger is generally regarded as the fierce position in the direction, so in theory, the white tiger position on the right is not suitable for the location of the gate

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