Why is the children’s room not suitable for plants

Plants are supposed to beautify the room for people to enjoy. Some green plants also play a role in regulating Feng Shui, but plants should not be placed in children’s rooms. This is because children do not have the ability to appreciate flowers and plants, and the placement of plants in the children’s room is easy to provoke children to climb and taste food, causing allergies or poisoning

the proportion of children allergic to some plants, especially flowering plants, is much higher than that of adults. The flowers, fruits, leaves and stems of some flowers and plants contain toxins, which will directly stimulate the oral mucosa after ingestion. If swallowed, there is a risk of poisoning, which may cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and shock, cardiac arrest, etc

in addition, from the perspective of home feng shui, Feng Shui plants should not be placed in children’s rooms, such as fortune trees. If placed in the living room or dining room, they can improve financial luck. However, if placed in children’s rooms, children’s thoughts will be too materialistic and give up the pursuit of lofty ideals and morality. The same is true for other plants, which may not play their due role in Feng Shui. Therefore, plants should not be placed in children’s room

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